I was actually mucking around with Warhammer stuff more this weekend (Heresy and Shadespire, piccies coming soon!), but I did manage to complete another three models for Star Wars.


Chewie, Kenobi and the Royal Guard Champion – I think these now finish off not only the Imperial Assault box set, but all the optional add-ons for the core campaign too…


For once, I did not follow Sorastro’s Youtube channel for Chewie, instead falling back to a really easy way I found to do fur – Mournfang, drybrush Tyrant Skull, then wash with Agrax. Gives a really good effect and the only concession I made was to add some Nuln Oil to the head and shoulders to reflect the different colours of fur Chewbacca has.


I varied the colours once again for Kenobi, but this was much closer to Sorastro’s suggestions.


And finally, the Royal Guard Champion. He ended up a bit more purple than I intended but, well, he is a Royal Guard Champion…

Got some bits and pieces on the painting table to finish off right now but, those done, I will be back into the Death Guard!