I think we can return to our regularly scheduled programming for a bit…

My painting has taken a serious dent recently – it is not so much that I am not doing a little bit every day (I am, -ish), it is more that I am not doing so much every day. Still, I am getting more than usual built and, with a two week break coming up around Christmas, I figure I can always just lock myself away with a mountain of DVD box sets and tinker away quietly…

Anyway, I did manage to finish off the two warbands that come with the new Shadespire game.


As usual, I (more or less) followed Duncan’s instructions on Warhammer TV for these guys, and now the Bloodbound and Stormcast Eternals are ready for battle.


For the Stormcasts, I was originally going to do them as Hallowed Knights to fit in with the rest of my armies but then I thought nah, never done golden Stormcasts before! And they do look quite reasonable in that scheme.


The Bloodbound I painted in a slightly different way to the Age of Sigmar force I had done (just some minor changes in highlights, really) but they ended up looking pretty much the same – so go figure!

On the painting table now I still have some Death Guard that, frankly, should have been completed long before now, but what’s the rush, eh? And building-wise, I have been concentrating on my Forge World resin mountain that has been accruing for years. Got some interesting pieces, including more Blood Bowl Skaven, some Custodes bits and pieces, and a Leviathan Dreadnought and Spartan tank for the Space Woofs.

Looks like it will be a busy Christmas!