The Reaver Titans for Adeptus Titanicus arrived last week, and I made sure they went straight to the top of the painting list!

They were assembled practically the day they arrived, and quickly undercoated (Leadbelcher spray), ready for a tot of paint this weekend. I figured these guys would be easier than Warlords, and so had no qualms about painting two up at the same time.

So, I present to you the Scutum Reductor and… the other one.


I figure with his ornate carapace the other one would be a maniple leader, but I have yet to give him a name…

The Scutum Reductor (the Shield Stripper) was the first Reaver I built, as I had a very definite idea of his armament before I started – something that could take down the void shields of any other Titan with one good volley.


Building-wise, the Reavers are fine… but I am beginning to hate the leg assemblies of both these and the Warlords with a passion. They consume about 50% of the total build time, and are just a mite too fiddly to paint (all that armour edging).

Also, I did not want the ‘pretty’ carapace on all my Reavers, wanting it to be a bit… exclusive to the good princeps among them. However, while that wide open space works well for halving, quartering or stripes, it looks a bit bland for us lazy painters, and there are no large transfers included in the kit to fill it.

Other than that, though, perfect.


For the maniple leader, I went for the classic Reaver look, complete with the Power Fist on the left arm. Looks suitably mean and brooding.

There are no real tricky bits to painting the Reavers (apart from those legs) and, just like the Warlords, it really is a process of undercoat the whole thing in Leadbelcher, wash and drybrush the metal, then do the armour plates and the edging. Finish off with any needed details (like the eye sensors).

However, those legs and that edging… I swear there is more edging on these models than there is on the full-blown 40k-scale Imperial Knight. In the future, I might just do one Titan at a time rather than trying to cram two together (though I will probably do Warhounds in pairs).

Anyway, I now have a nice start to a maniple for Legio Mortis!


Next up from the painting table will be some direly needed reinforcements to the Heresy-era Thousands Sons, plus some 40k-scale walkers of various stripes, as well as a little project I managed to sneak in this weekend.

However, I am already planning a Reaver or three for Legio Xestobiax!