I have been somewhat neglecting my Titan legions of late, and while the Legio Mortis has a good few models already, Legio Xestobiax has been lagging behind. I decided to rectify that by adding two more Warlord Titans to its ranks, the first of which has just been completed.

Behold the might of Ruptor et Mundos (Breaker of Worlds).


This is the new-style Warlord of course, but I could not bring myself to simply build it from thew box, so I mix-and-matched parts with the original Warlord, of which I actually had two lying around unassembled (waiting for the new weapon options to come out).

I thought an ‘all laser’ Titan would be a fun idea, though it has the potential to seriously heat up in battle.


I have another Warlord Titan already built up and also intended for the Legio Xestobiax, combining the Plasma Annihilators with the older hull, and I have a hankering to do yet another for the Legio Mortis.


However, I am really beginning to hate doing the legs of the Warlord with a passion – all that armour edging can be really monotonous if you do not have something suitably inspiring playing on the TV as you paint…


So, before I begin another Warlord, I think some Thousand Sons and Ultramarines will be called for!