It is always a good feeling when you finally finish off painting something that has been sitting on the shelf, all built and primed, for some months. This weekend, I managed to polish off the second half of the Assault Squad I had put together for the Heresy-era Thousand Sons, as well as two Apothecaries.


I thought the Apothecaries might be a bit of a bear (with all that white, as they usually appear in 40k-era armies), but they use a colour scheme very close to regular Thousand Sons, and so I managed to get through them pretty quickly.


The only white that appears on these models is found on the shoulder pads and weapons, which makes them pretty much the same to paint as any Thousand Sons officer, and the addition of their cream-coloured tabards pretty much follows the cloaks the officers wear.

I painted the MkIV-armoured Apothecary with a gold helmet, so I have the option to use him as a Apothecary-Primus until a more suitable model comes my way.


The Assault Squad needed another five marines added to it, to bring it up to Heresy-spec (minimum of ten marines in a squad) and, like the others, they were built using a combination of resin jump packs, MkIV helmets, and Assault Marine legs and torsos – this gives them the right amount of movement, while keeping the armour Heresy-based. I also took the opportunity to add a couple of power weapons to give them a bit more punch.

With these complete, my painting table was (briefly) cleared, but I promptly filled it with a number of small but unrelated projects – a plant for Daemons of Nurgle, two more Thousand Sons characters, a rickety vehicle for Orks, and yet another new God-Engine.