I am getting on quite well with the Legio Xestobiax – a third Warlord Battle Titan was added this weekend.


This is another ‘blend’ of the new Warlord kit and ‘old’. I went with the original Warlord for the body and Apocalypse launchers, but went with a dual Sunfury Plasma Annihilator combo for the arms.


Went with a bit more detail on the arms than I have with the other Titans, and it turned out well – does make me think that maybe I ought to revisit the weapons of the other Titans I have done thus far.


As with the other Titans of the Legio, this one has declared its affiliation with the Thousand Sons, but I have left room for Xestobiax-specific transfers. Which GW will be bringing out very soon. Surely.

I think with three Titans, I now have enough Warlords for the Legio Xestobiax, and probably won’t revisit them until GW release some more weaponry (Warp Missiles!). I also have to concede that my Legio Mortis are running a bit behind in the Warlord stakes (they have just one), and so they probably need the next one I do.

Before that though, I will be adding a new Reaver for Xestobiax, while House Malinax will be getting some Knight Lancers…