When the Cerastus Knight-Lancers came out, I was slow to pick them up as I had way too many other projects on. However, I have now made up for that, and four of them will be striding onto the table soon.


In terms of painting, if anything, these machines are easier than the Questoris-style Knights that have come before. Now, that might have something to do with the fact that I was painting the Questoris six at a time, while I just did four of the Cerastus (both come from two boxes of the same Knight though), but it just seemed that much easier this time round.


There does not seem to be quite as much edging to the armour, which is really the only time-consuming task on any Imperial Knight (Adeptus Titanicus or 40k scale!), and I would be quite happy to do more of the Cerastus.

However, I think I will wait until we see some of the other Cerastus variants before I dive in again with this kit.