In preparing for the Prospero campaign, I have probably gone a bit too heavy on both the Legio Custodes and the Sisters of Silence (who are really supposed to be ‘elite’ forces within the campaign). However, I was not exactly going to knock back the Jenetia Krole model someone got me for Christmas (I have to say, I am not sure I would have splashed out £36 for a single character model myself…) and, anyway, the sisters need a leader…


She sat in her pack waiting to be put together – until I realised just how quick Jenetia would be to paint.

You can do this entire model in just a few very easy steps:

  • Spray undercoat her Leadbelcher, then wash the whole model in Nuln Oil and drybrush Runefang Silver (Stormhost Silver would be a bit too bright). 80% of the model is now complete…
  • Do the gold trimmings with Balthasar/Agrax/Runefang.
  • The cloak and tabard are done in your own choice of purple and blue.
  • The base uses a simple Dawnstone/Nuln Oil/Administratum Grey/White Scars approach.
  • Finish off with details – head, purity seals, and gems.

And that is about it – one completed Jenetia Krole in perhaps little more than an hour if you discount drying time.


Jenetia stands out nicely from the other sisters, but it is also very apparent that she is part of the same force. I like her a lot.

The only downside – if you have big, fat sausage fingers, she is quite a hassle putting together. Some of those details are both very thin and very small, and she has a surprising amount of them. You will fly through putting together the base, body and cloak, but then things start to really drag. I recommend both tweezers and a magnifying glass…

Next up, a new unit for the Thousand Sons and yet another God-Engine.