Like the Knight-Lancers I recently completed, I was a bit slow off the mark when the new Reaver with its alternative weapons fits came out (I had been painting up the new Titanicus models more or less the same weekend they came out), but once again I have made up for it and the Legio Xestobiax has a new God-Engine.


I hummed and harred a bit on the weapons for this Reaver. I wanted the Turbo Laser Destructor on the carapace, but did not want a close combat weapon. Two Melta Cannons would have been funny, but you do not get that many in the kit.


In the end, I decided that the primary weapons of this Titan would be the Turbo Laser Destructor and Volcano Cannon, as this would fit in well with the Warlords I had already put together for Xestobiax. The addition of the Melta Cannon might seem an odd choice, given its range, but I figured that instead of the Reaver marching to the enemy to use it (and getting smacked around in the process, as no one likes a Melta Cannon that close) it would instead use it as a deterrent to enemy Titans trying to close range themselves, while it otherwise continued to pound the enemy with its main armament.


With this Titan complete, my Legio Xestobiax now stands at two Reavers and three Warlords, a decent enough start to any campaign (this Legio is not too fond of Warhounds, and there are no allied Knights on Prospero for them). While there are no immediate plans to do more Titans (though I do have a spare Warlord lying around, it has to be said…), I think the Legio Mortis should benefit from attention next.