My family sent me a Coronus Grav-Carrier for Christmas, but I only recently opened it – and realised just how quick and easy this (very) large model would be to put together.

And painting Custodes rarely takes a huge amount of time.


It has been a while since I have picked up a model this recently released from Forge World, and they have certainly upped their game. As well as a full colour instruction booklet, the casting is absolutely superb, with very little clean up required (unlike a certain other model I am working on right now which was bought a fair few years ago and is turning into a relative sod to put together).


I kept the transfers on this model to a minimum, as I figured a transport will have less ‘honours’ than an attack platform. Just a few bits here and there.


As well as the Coronus itself, I picked up another box set of Custodian Guard, as my existing units were a bit of a mish-mash of armament, which works perfectly well in the 41st millennium but just won’t cut it during the Heresy (like marines of the time, Custodes like having all the same weapon in their units). So, I took the opportunity to make three units that would have swords and pikes.


Next up, a little catching up on the Conquest magazine as I wait for Shadowspear to drop…