I did not quite get everything I wanted to do this weekend done, but I did manage to polish off this small squad for the Heresy-era Thousand Sons – a Tactical Support squad armed with Volkite weaponry!


In the Heresy-era, Tactical Squads do not have the heavy and special weaponry we are used to in the 41st millennium. Instead, separate, smaller squads (numbering 5-10 – Tactical Squads can go up to 20 marines during the Heresy) are equipped entirely with special weapons and termed Tactical Support Squads. In army-building terms, they are Troops choices but never count towards your compulsory slots.

I went with the Volkite weapons because, well, just because they were different, really! I had noticed that a lot of people had been painting the cooling vanes as bare metal, but I wanted them to stand out a bit while avoiding them looking like plasma weapons.

In the end, instead of the ‘cool blue’ of plasma weapon cooling vanes, I went with a ‘hot yellow’ which, incidentally, I pinched from the plasma weapons of my 40k Death Guard (waste not, want not). Start with an Averland Sunset base, wash with Cassandora, and drybrush Flash Gitz Yellow.


Next on the painting table, we return to the 40k for some heavyweight Ultramarines units…