This is a model that has been lying around in its box for, well, a good few years now – the Exalted Bloodthirster from Forge World.

I was going to sell it but then I realised it would be as quick to paint as the plastic Bloodthirsters if I just followed Duncan’s instructions on Warhammer TV. With the Ultramarines models I got finished earlier this week, there were not too many hours put into this model.


There are actually few colours on this Bloodthirster – basically just red, black, metal and brass.

I started with the skin, which is a base of Khorne Red with a Nuln Oil wash, and then a combination of three drybrushes of lighter reds with a glaze of Bloodletter Red thrown in. The wings, whip and leather straps are painted black with two drybrushes of lighter greys – and that is the model about 80&% done!


The brass comes next (Balthazar, Agrax, Golden Griffon), and finally the bear metal (usual Leadbelcher, Nuln, Runefang). The last jobs are a few little details such as eyes and tongue.

The sheer size of the model and the surface area it has becomes a factor when you get this big, so the wing membranes were not a massively fast job – but then again, not hugely slow either. Just keep your head down while you have a film running in the background, and you will be fine.


While I am keeping my eyes open on eBay for more Bloodletters (wanting three units of thirty by the end) I am more or less putting my Daemons of Khorne to one side for now to concentrate on models for the Plague War campaign.

Next up on the painting table, I am cracking open the Space Marines Apocalypse Detachment box set, so expect plenty of Intercessors!