I had let models from the Conquest magazine build up over the past few weeks, so felt it was time to clear the slate (more or less) and get some more Death Guard done. They would also serve to make a nice break from the Ultramarines and Ultramar Auxilia.

These models were collected from a handful of issues, and I was looking forward to adding them to my growing host of Death Guard; a Plagueburst Crawler, another Bloat Drone, and four Plague Marines. I had just received twelve more Poxwalkers from a canny eBay purchase, so they got thrown into the mix as well.


Of all the models in this little batch, it was actually the Plague Marines I was most looking forward to – with these added to my existing squads, I can now field seven units of seven Plague Marines. Not that I ever would (at least not in anything but the largest battles), but it is a nice auspicious number for Nurgle.


The Plagueburst Crawler is something else I was pleased to add. I already had two Crawlers in my Death Guard, and I knew the third that would be coming with Conquest would make for a nice squadron of three.


Now, for Bloat Drones, I already had three but these models are really fun to use, so another will not go amiss. Plus, it gives an excuse to at least start considering a second squadron of three…


As I said, the Poxwalkers did not come from Conquest (though apparently more are on the way from the magazine) but I wanted to continue building my Poxwalker units up as I am aiming for (at least) a hundred of the little guys when the Plague War campaign starts.

Got something a bit special lined up for so many Poxwalkers in one of the initial battles…

With this keeping pace with the Conquest magazine and the Death Guard well in hand for their forces overall, it is now time to switch back to the Ultramarines. I have a few more squads to attend to that will get the second company almost finished, but then I want to take a look at some very large and very powerful vehicles to back them up.