After I finished the first platoon of the Ultramar Auxilia, I gave myself ‘permission’ to do few of the big armoured vehicles – which is what everyone really wants to do with a Militarum-related force. Fully intend to build up the infantry to a full company (and perhaps add a Mechanised Company thereafter?), but let’s get some tanks (that should be ‘tanks’) rolling.

So, I have started with the first models of an Artillery Company.


A Manticore, a massive Praetor Armoured Launcher, and a Master of Ordnance that I am using as a suitable Company Commander, with his Command Squad and a Chimera to monitor incoming requests for bombardments.

I keep saying this for the Ultramar Auxilia, but these models were super-quick to paint, using the same schemes I applied to previous infantry and tanks – the two base colours are applied under an Agrax wash, and then (lightly) drybrushed with Dawnstone and Tyrant Skull. After that, it is just a case of gun metal and details.


Let’s do the Big Boy first!

I was going to have the Praetor as something removed from the Artillery Company, something on loan from higher up in the regiment or even beyond that. However, I started thinking about a Super Heavy Company (oh, you can be sure that is coming!), and how one tank there is basically equal to a squadron. It seemed to make sense that the Praetor could be added to the Artillery Company in the same way, being a squadron unto itself.


I rather like the idea of Manticores scampering (relatively speaking) around to get into position for a launch, while this monster slowly creeps forward to unleash its hellish salvo.


Moving the Praetor into the company proper does create some problems though. You see, Militarum artillery does not really mix. The likes of Bombards and Basilisks do not work well because of disparate range, while Manticores are a bit potent when placed next to, say, Wyverns – they are intended for different targets.


However, I like variety and, at the end of the day, who really needs three Manticores? So, I think this squadron will end up as a Manticore/Basilisk mix (the range difference is not huge, and they have similar effects on targets – we will leave the issue of supplying the squadron both missiles and shells to the logistics officers…), though with three tanks I am not sure which will be favoured more.


Finally, I wanted a proper Command Squad and officer leading the company, and while I could have simply gone with a generic ‘Company Commander’, the Master of Ordnance from the Regimental Advisors set seemed born for the role. Simply add a Command Squad and Chimera, and he is ready to take to the field.

Note that I built the Chimera with a Heavy Bolter turret to try to get across the idea that it is not really intended for fighting – it really is there to carry equipment that facilitates effective battery fire (and to keep the Master of Ordnance’s boots clean…). I also kept the Master of Ordnance bare-headed rather than having the big crested helmet that other Auxilia officers have because, well, artillery officers work for a living…

Next up on the painting table are the rest of the Regimental Advisors, plus a few other ‘Heroes of the Imperium’ that I have been wanting to get around to.