While it is true that I have not been able to take full advantage of the lockdown to crank out entire new armies, I have managed to get through quite a bit of the backlog I had been building up of models built and undercoated, but not painted. In fact, as I look upon that shelf, there are just a handful of units left.

This week, I managed to get through two units that have been sitting on that shelf for a few months now – an Ork Trukk for my Speed Freeks and the very last (?) Bloodletters for the Daemons of Khorne.


The twenty Bloodletters I completed, while not massively exciting in and of themselves, do mark an important waypoint – I now have three units of thirty Bloodletters, meaning I can now (sort of) call my Daemons of Khorne army ‘done’.


There is certainly enough daemons present now to field a very convincing force and, aside from the odd variant Bloodthirster, I now have completed at least one of everything that can be fielded in the army. And that includes the Exalted Bloodthirster and the Daemon Prince Samus from Forge World!


The Speed Freeks are my real slow-burn army, with no real plans to really expand it at this stage. Instead, I am just doing the odd model here and there as the mood takes me, so if/when I go back to the force ‘properly’ I will have a really good starting point to build from.

This Trukk was kind of an accident, having picked it up for £5 on eBay a good whiles back. Painted up the same way as the other vehicles of the Speed Freeks, those based on the Warhammer TV how-to on the Shokk Dragsta, these vehicles remain very quick to paint. The next Speed Freeks models really should be the Boyz to go in this Trukk but, as I say, I am in no hurry.


On the painting table right now are two Ironblasters for my new Mawtribe, but I am also hoping to make some progress on some new Ultramarines units that have been sitting looking at me for quite a few months now…