When it comes to models lying on the ‘ready to go’ shelf, assembled and undercoated but not actually started, these two units take some beating – they have been sitting there for months, waiting for the motivation to appear.

And this weekend, it did!


Nothing particularly complicated with either the Speeders or the Tyrannic War Veterans, but I could just not seem to find the mojo for so long. Once begun, however, they were naturally quick to do – there is not exactly a wide-ranging colour scheme on these guys…


The Land Speeder Tempest squadron is obviously the glamour puss of this lot and while I was dreading the edging of all those surfaces, they did not take up all that much time. After that, it was just a case of the metalwork and a touch of black to mark their Fifth Company affiliation, and then they were more or less done. Even managed to get a red cockpit added to mark the squadron leader/sergeant.

However, throughout the painting process, I was absolutely paranoid about those two sensor vanes coming out of the wings. They are long, made of resin and have terribly shallow mounting points.

Really cannot see them lasting too many battles…


The Tyrannic War Veterans are nicely characterful, but there are only four of them so I am not sure they will see a lot of use. I might scratch around the old Rogue Trader range of Space Marines at some point and find any that have a lot of bionics in place. Still, they add another unit to the growing First Company, and perhaps they can make a stand-in for Sternguard if the need ever arises.

Over the weekend I also managed to find time to put together the very last two models of Conquest magazine, so I will be cracking on with those very soon, right after I polish off one more Horus Heresy unit…