Cannot quite believe it, but I have managed to complete the entire run of the Conquest magazine – with these two little items, the entire project is finished!


The walkway for the Alcomite Stack that was done earlier and a Repulsor Grav Tank are both fairly large items, but they got painted up in double-quick time this weekend, heralding the end of Conquest for me!


In terms of painting, they were both dead easy, with the walkway getting a Leadblecher spray undercoat and a drowning in Nuln Oil. With all that done, there were really only two key areas to work on – the walkway itself (Mephiston/Nuln/Mephioston/Wild Rider Red), and the barriers around the edge (Zandri/Ushabti/Sepia/Ushabti/White Scar).


With a few details such as brass fittings, red cables, and sensor lights, it was about finished in little more than a morning.


The Repulsor took a bit longer to do – but not that much longer, and followed pretty much the exact scheme as the recent Land Speeder Tempests… and just about every Ultramarines vehicle, for that matter…


So, 80 issues is a long road but, I think, a worthy one. I did not really need any more Death Guard, but I have a rather sizeable force now due to reinforcements from the magazine, more than enough for just about any reasonable size of game.

On the other hand, my Ultramarines only exist because of Conquest, and they have benefitted not only from getting a decent-sized force through the magazine, but also because I supplemented them with the occasional unit here and there, as well as the Shadowspear box set – I now have a complete second company, the makings of four more companies, plus most of the characters and a lot of supporting units. Do one of these magazine runs, add a few bits and pieces here and there, and you will end up with a very nice army with more than enough options.

My only word of caution is that you should never get more than a month behind, or catching up will be a chore. However, if you stick to the (very easy) schedule, you will have two good forces at the end of it!

I have already started on the Mortal Realms magazine for Age of Sigmar, and I regret to say they have been building up of late. So, the nose will go straight back to the grindstone and I hope to start knocking new units off the Nighthaunts this weekend…