I really did not need to start a new game, and I certainly did not need to begin painting up yet another range of miniatures. But then this happened.

The Marvel Crisis Protocol kind of accidentally got ordered a couple of weeks ago and I immediately put on the MCU films and began painting. Haven’t actually played a game yet, so no idea what it is actually like, but I do have some comments on the miniatures.

First off, putting them together. The plastic used is not the same as GW, but it takes Liquid Poly well and while the details are a little softer (very noticeable around faces) it serves perfectly well.

However, the way the models go together… legs, torsos and heads are fine, but there are a fair number of really small and fiddly bits. For example, I am fairly sure there is no good reason why Black Widow’s arms are in two pieces. It makes her a bit of a pain to put together (god forbid you accidentally drop a piece onto a grey carpet!) and many of these models have similar fiddly pieves.

On the other hand, painting these models is an absolute doddle, and they take Contrast paints really well. I started painting these alongside my normal GW crops, doing something on a Marvel miniature or two while waiting for something to dry on the GW lot. Doing this, I got through the whole Marvel starter set very quickly.

These three, Captain America, Captain Marvel and Spiderman all got painted together as they all use pretty much the same colours. Start off with Talassar Blue over a Corax White undercoat, then briefly touch up where you have gone over the lines with White Scar, and then apply Blood Angels Red – and that is the models just about done! Add a few details (getting the lines circular on Captain America’s shield is a bit of a chore, but it does not take long) such as Captain Marvel’s hair (Iyanden Yellow) and Spiderman’s eyes, and you are pretty much done.

Black Widow, Crossbones and Red Skull also got done together, primarily because they all had a Chaos Black undercoat. However, they were drybrushed differently to give them a slightly different hue – Black Widow used Dark Reaper, Crossbones used Eshin Grey, and Red Skull had Skavenblight Dinge. A few simple details went on top of that and then these too were done!

Ironman was actually the first model I painted up because, well, why wouldn’t I? He started off with a Retributor Gold undercoat, with Blood Angels Red done on top of that, followed by ‘Ardcoat to make him all shiny. Ultron had a Leadbelcher undercoat, shaded and highlighted with Nuln Oil and Stormhost Silver.

Two of the quickest models of the lot.

Finally for the characters, Doctor Octopus and Baron Zemo (no idea who he is, something to do with Hydra, I believe…).

And that just left the terrain. Motivation here was a little harder to find but, once started, it was quick enough. For the cars, I recommend getting hold of actual car bodywork sprays, as I did with the purple one. It looks a lot better.

Throughout this project, I had various MCU films playing in the background, and this led to a (perhaps inevitable) problem. You watch, say, Infinity War, see Thor, and think… you know, Thor would be a good character to add to this little collection. And then you figure you will also need Hela and Loki… and before I knew it a bunch more models were in the post and heading my way.

I think you can see where this is going.

Still need to get a game or three in, and I wonder how good it will be for narrative play (playing through the entire MCU would be fun, though I think we will need mook rules) but, for now, these models are simple and fun to paint up so I shall carry on with at least a few more.

I think some Gods of Asgard would be a nice little project!