I sort of have an intention to play through the Wrath of the Everchosen campaign, but it requires a truly massive number of models (well, if you want to do it ‘properly’… and I think regular visitors here will know my views on that) so I have been less than passionate about getting models done for it. However, every now and again I pop a new unit or three into the mix and that is what happened this weekend.

For reasons unknown, I just fancied painting up the (relatively) new Slaves to Darkness set from Games Workshop.

I have to say, there are elements to these models that I really like. On the plus side, they look awesome and are super-easy to put together – the Knights and Lord are semi-Easy-to-Build, while the Chaos Warriors are Easy-to-Build.

The Downside? They are complete mono-pose with no variations possible. They have unit leaders, but no musician or standard, which is something of an issue. Nor will you want to build up the Chaos Warriors to a unit of 20 as duplicating these mono-pose models will look weird and adding the older Chaos Warriors will just look weirder.

However, taking these models in and of themselves, absolutely no complaints. They will make for a reasonable start to an army and look great!

The glamour-puss of this set is, of course, the Chaos Lord on his Karkadrak. This is currently the only place you can grab him and he certainly looks the part of a leader. Why settle for a horse when you can have a big killy-lizard, eh?

After this break, I really need to get back to some Aelves, and I have more Daughters of Khaine waiting for my attention – however, I don’t think I will be able to resist the odd little side-project…