I had been pumped up to do more models for Marvel Crisis Protocol but… other things got in the way. Still, I had all the Asgardians built, undercoated and sitting on my ‘to do’ shelf, staring down and making me feel guilty, and this weekend I managed to get them finished.

However, while working on them, I realised that the already-built Hulk that had also been sitting with them would mean that I was hitting most of the bells for models in Thor: Ragnarok. So he got added too!

As I said in the last post on Marvel Crisis Protocol, these models are supremely easy to paint – but I am beginning to think they may not be easy models to paint well. The problem is that the plastic is ever so slightly softer than that used by GW. It is not bendy or anything, but the features are somewhat softer and less defined, which becomes a particular problem around the faces.

Still, quick to do and looking good – pretty much everything I want from a model these days!

Puny god.

The Hulk might qualify for not just being the easiest model to paint here, but the easiest to paint… well, ever, actually.

With a white undercoat, I simply plopped two coats of Tesseract Glow on him, did his nails, teeth and hair, and his trousers. Done!

He is a tad, umm, brighter than I had originally intended, but I figure that just means more gamma ray action going on. Anyway, he ends up being less film and more comic on colouration.

Up next for Marvel, I have already built Venom and I may add Ghost Rider (because, well, Nicolas Cage, why wouldn’t you?) but the next big job will be doing all the Guardians of the Galaxy that I have picked up. After that… well, I am not sure. A trip to Wakanda seems appealing, and the X-Men have started to appear. Or I might to a trip to New York and do Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Kingpin, Daredevil, and all the others for a bit of lower-key hero action.

First though, back to those Daughters of Khaine!