The terrain from the Command Edition 40k box set has been sitting around my place for quite some time, but recently I resolved to get it done! It flew together in mere moments (more or less), and the painting was finished over a lazy weekend. And these were the results!

The painting was a doddle and even the bits I thought might take a while (the bare metalwork that runs across most surface areas) were quickly dealt with once I sat down and cracked on. For the paint scheme, I simply followed Warhammer TV’s tutorial.

This necessitated getting a handful of new paints (not strictly necessary, but it cannot hurt to have a few more tools on the arsenal), but followed a simple pattern of undercoating Wraithbone, doing an all over thinned Sepia wash, and then drybrushing to get all the stonework done. Then the red was a simple Gal Vorbak Red base, drybrushed with Evil Sunz Scarlet and Kislev Flesh – no wash needed! After that, the metalwork, pure white areas (primarily on the Mechanicus symbols) finally wiring.

All of this has been added to the ‘Mechanicus table’ which is really starting to fill out – pretty dense for 40k battles already and, if terrain is bunched together, perfect for Necromunda or Kill Team!

With these pieces done, it is back to Age of Sigmar and I have already cracked on with clearing the Mortal Realms magazine backlog. These tend to be (so far) pretty easy models such as Liberators and Chainrasps, which both have to rank as among the easiest models to paint in GW’s entire range, so hopefully I can make a big impact with those this week before returning to the Daughters of Khaine over the coming weekend!