It has been a little while since I last picked up a brush for the Mortal realms magazine and it is time to catch up – well, soonest started, soonest finished, as a wise man once said…

A bit of a mixed bag this time round, with a nice spread of Stormcasts, Nighthaunts and a chunky bit of terrain.

The Stormcasts were an absolute dream to do, coming from the Warrior Chambers as they do (so no pesky multi-coloured robes getting in the way). This gives me another Liberator unit (almost) and another Prosecutor. For the Gryph-Hounds I went less multi-hued than I have in the past to maintain a more cohesive look, so just stuck to altering colours of their feathers.

The Chainrasp Horde was simplicity itself, as I have has some fair practice doing these little guys by now – this lot brings the total up to 120 of the blighters! Got a longer term aim to bring them up to 150, but there is plenty of time to get to those heights. It is not as if I don’t have enough Chainrasps to be getting on with!

Almost as easy to do were Crawlocke the Jailor and his two minions. The painting on these was a cinch, but collectively these have to be the most delicate models I have done in a long time. Only one breakage was suffered during painting, but I always had a feeling that something else was going to go whenever a brush went anywhere near them.

Last up for the Mortal Realms lot was the bell tower from the Warcry set. A nice simple bit of terrain (especially when aided with Wyldwood Contrast and Sylvaneth Bark for the wood…) but looks very effective on the battlefield. Not sure how long those dangling skeletons will remain there once the tower has seen a few battles, as they are also very weak, but we will try to take care of it!

And finally, though nothing to do with the Mortal Realms magazine, the Penumbral Engine from the Forbidden Power box set that I have had laying around for a while. It is good to get this one done and while I was worrying about all that gold script, it ended up being much quicker to do than I had feared.

On the painting table right now are some more things for the Daughters of Khaine, plus a few choice items for the Eight-Blooded Khorne warband, but I still have a fair bit of catch up to do on the Mortal Realms magazine, and will be diving back into that soon!