While working on the ruins for the Mortal Realms magazine, I thought I would just ‘pop’ this model in there as well, as it shares exactly the same colour scheme. It is a bit larger.

I present, the Sigmarite Dais!

Despite their size (this is larger than it may look…), these terrain pieces are a doddle to do, with just four basic colours used (and I followed the painting guide on the back of the box with no deviation) plus a tad of detailing on things such as the torches in their metal scones, which are the work of minutes.

I still have two of these pieces to do (the Stormthrone and massive Stormvault) and while they are built and ready to go, I am in no massive hurry to get them done. With some other bits of terrain scattered around, two fill a big table quite nicely and three would be pushing it,. The Stormvault absolutely dominates a table and would likely only be used when a specific Battleplan called for it (so, I will panic about that once one appears in a campaign book).

As has been the case for a couple of weeks now, I still have Morathi on the painting table, though I finished off her snake body last night, and much of the wings are done. However, I am currently concentrating on cracking through the Nighthaunts from the Mortal Realms magazine so expect to see the results of that in a week or so!