The process of catching up with the Mortal Realms magazine continues after my little break in painting. Not quite as fast as I might like, but I made some real progress the pass week on various painting projects, all of which I hope to post over the next few days.

Anyway, to kick things off the little group of Nighthaunts that almost have me back on track with the magazine.

Three Heroes and (yet) more Chainrasps. Because I do not have enough of those.

Now, I have to be honest, I forgot these ten guys were coming in the magazine, as I had already taken the Chainrasps supplied, and added more to get four units of 30. So… it looks like I will have to find myself another 20 of the little chaps to end up with (gulp) 150 Chainrasps in total.

Well, it is a horde army!

The Knight of Shrouds on ‘foot’ was next, and I quite like this model. Not as flowing or pleasing as his mounted counterpart but will work well as a general for smaller battles. I used the Warhammer TV painting guide for him but, frankly, he is just the same as any other Nighthaunt with the addition of the Rhinox Brown coat and scabbard.

After that was the Cairn Wraith, who may well be in the running for ‘easiest Hero to paint, ever’. It just uses the standard Nighthaunts colour scheme but should be fit to do plenty of reaping once properly supported by lesser ghosties.

And finally, Liekoron the Executioner who, if anything, is even easier to paint than the Cairn Wraith (this really is the army for beginners, though the number of models may be daunting).

In terms of the Mortal Realms magazine catch-up I have a fairly sizeable Stormcasts ‘batch’ sitting on the painting table at the moment that I am hoping to fly through, and there are just a handful of Nighthaunts models left to go that I moved to a separate batch for reasons that will become apparent when I post them here.

Before I dive into those though (and the speed painting army that I also undercoated this weekend), there are just a couple of projects that I want to finish up. Stay tuned over the next few days!