Well, I thought I had got my painting mojo back again… and then it left.

There I was, starting to get through models again and getting some real momentum. Mass Effect Legendary Edition was about to come out, and that was fine, I knew it would take time away from painting but one playthrough and I would be back with the miniatures.

Did not really work that way.

The playthrough of Mass Effect took a couple of (awesome) weeks, but I kept misfiring whenever I thought about picking up a brush, and it is only in the past few days that the painting has started to get some traction. However, it was not the Stormcasts from the Mortal Realms magazine that I was catching up with that got tackled but a handful of Custodes…

The inspiration for doing these came from reading the new Godblight novel (it has some of the boys in gold in it), and I had ‘needed’ to do a new unit leader, and two guys each with swords and spears to properly balance out some units I had acquired from eBay. This gives me four full units of Guardians now which, with everything else painted up for the Legio Custodes, is a bit more than I had originally intended for what was supposed to be a supporting act for the Space Woofs on Prospero… but who turns down a bigger army, eh?

With these done, I really do have to sit down and crank through those Stormcasts. Despite there being quite a few of them, I have got over the ‘hump’ of doing the Sacrosanct robes (pain in the rear for an army that is supposed to be quick to paint), so it is all downhill now with just their weapons and a few bits and pieces to do.

Hopefully, you will see them next week so long as I can find a little painting mojo!