After way too much procrastination, I got my painting mojo back (mostly) and finished off a big block of Stormcast Eternals that had built up from my inattention to the Mortal Realms magazine.

And quite a haul it is. Some new heroes, another artillery piece, two whole new units… and finishing off a whole bunch more.

First up is the mighty Knight-Azyros. I have always like this model and he certainly is not bad at all on the table. There was, of course, a choice in building him as I could have gone for the Knight-Venator instead who, on paper, looks awesome. However, veterans of this page may cast their minds back to the Realmgate Wars campaign where, despite many appearances, the Knight-Venator spectacularly failed to kill anything of note over many, many battles. So no, I decided to go for the Knight-Azyros instead.

Two high-ranking heroes were also completed, the Lord-Relictor and Lord-Ordinator Vorrus Starstrike. The Lord-Ordinator is new to me but the Lord-Relictor was a familiar leader in the Realmgate Wars… where his prayers were almost universally ignored by Sigmar.

We’ll see how this one goes…

These models were good news all over, as they are the Primes for six different units, meaning at a stroke they were all completed and are now ready to fight. Still not a massive fan of the Sacrosanct chamber (all those cloaks are a pain when you are trying to power through more than a dozen Stormcasts) but I have always enjoyed the Liberators.

With the other unit from the Mortal Realms magazine and another from the Soul Wars box set, this now makes three Celestar Ballistae – a complete battery of lightning bolt throwers and a fearsome ‘goalkeeper’ for any table edge objective that must be held (especially if backed up by the Lord-Ordinator).

One thing that is painfully obvious is that the Mortal Realms magazine does not (yet) provide transfers for the Stormcasts and while I have plenty for the Warrior chambers, I am going to have to go delving on eBay to find the others needed for models that came with Soul Wars.

The transfer problem also applies with the Evocators.

Now, it must be admitted that with the Mortal Realms magazine you also get an Evocator-Prime, but I just painted up these two guys to add to the three-man unit you get in Soul Wars… so I now have a (proper) unit of five.

The Farstriders came next, and they have got me thinking about doing more units from the Vanguard chamber. They are about as fast to do as Liberators, with just the (small) complications of the cloak and crossbows.

And finally, perhaps my favourite Stormcast unit of the lot – the Retributors. You only get three with the magazine, but I had already foreseen this and acquired several more from eBay. As well as a whole new unit, I also had a couple spare to add to these boys to make another unit of five.

They perform well on the battlefield, are quicker to paint even than Liberators… what is not to like?

With these Stormcasts finally complete I know have a small but functioning force and will now be switching back to Nighthaunts this week to finish clearing out the backlog there.

The aim is to get them done by this time next week, so… well, you will be able to judge for yourself whether my painting mojo remains intact!