Not exactly lightning fast with the old painting at the moment, but progress is being made – this week I managed to finish off some of the outstanding Nighthaunts models from the Mortal Realms magazine.

As with most things Nighthaunt, these models are superfast to paint up (so long as you do not hit a procrastination minefield or start an Insanity level run on Mass Effect Legendary Edition…). There is absolutely nothing complicated about them at all.

The glamour puss here is obviously Reikenor the Grimhailer, Nagash’s own reaper of souls. And, it has to be said, this is a very pretty model, to the extent that my own meagre painting skills really do not do it justice. It is difficult to believe this is actually an Easy-to-Build model with just a few push-fit pieces to its name – GW, was really knocking it out of the park on these ETB Nighthaunts models. Full kudos to them on that.

As for painting, I simply used the mounted Knight of Shrouds guide on Warhammer TV. The colours are all the same, and you really just need to stretch the ‘dark skin’ of the horse to include the wings. Job done.

Now, the Hexwraiths are easy to paint (really just the same colours as any basic Nighthaunt, with the addition of skeletal horses), but they are an absolute pain in the bum to put together. Very fiddly pieces with very small contact areas – a combination guaranteed to get you screaming.

Now, I really need more than just the five of these guys that come with Mortal Realms, but I absolutely refused to build any more of them. So, that meant finding some built but not painted units on eBay… with the added complication that they needed to be on oval bases as their small footprints meant that transferring them to ovals retroactively would be another nightmare.

And I just do not need that at this stage in my life, I decided.

Fortunately, I managed to find two such units of five on eBay at a rather acceptable price, so they have gone into the hopper to be ready for painting. No immediate rush on those, got plenty to be getting on with for now…