It was a little over a week ago (9 days) that I commenced the speedpainting of an entire army of Ossiarch Bonereapers. While I have not finished the army just yet, after this weekend I have managed to amass nearasdammit 2,700 points of painted Ossiarchs.

Which, by any measure, is not bad going.

This little batch now brings the total to 90 Mortek Guard, 3 Mortisans, 2 Harvesters, 3 Endless Spells and 10 Kavalos Deathriders. About enough to invade a small province and ensure their bonetithing goes smoothly.

In fact, the speed of this painting has highlighted some new problems I have never encountered before – my painting is now outstripping my ability to build models and undercoat them (because I need to wait for non-rainy weather to spray undercoat and I live in Britain), which is now beginning to threaten the speedpainting run!

I built two Gothizzar Harvesters, because I wanted the weapon options (and, frankly, because the size of the planned army more than justified it). The speedpainting process dictated that I tried to keep them as close as possible to the sequence used on the Mortek Guard and, broadly speaking, this works.

The two main differences are the spooky skulls within the bone structure and the bloody bones in the rearward hopper. The skulls were easy and I just duplicated what I had done on the Deathriders (Ulthuan Grey with a thin touch of Hexwraith Flame on top).

I spent a little time puzzling over the bones that needed some juicy bits left on them after being stripped by the Harvester, and I was initially going to dribble a bit of Blood for the Blood God across them. However, I knew this was going to end up a bit ‘heavy’ until I had a brainwave – I remembered that I had done a mix of Carroburg Crimson and Lahmian Medium for my Daughters of Khaine hair. This proved to be the perfect mix to simply glaze all the bones with.

The three Mortisans were next, and I knew they would be the pain in the rear end for this particular batch as some only barely followed the scheme for the Mortek Guard – and the more I deviated, the longer they would take. That said, they would be the leaders for the army in most smaller battles, so a little extra time here would be well spent.

The Mortisan Boneshaper was pretty close to the Mortek Guard, as it turned out, with just the addition of his robes being the exception (Screamer Pink base with Nuln Oil shading). The big skull he is standing on was simply Skeleton Horde drybrushed with Ushabti Bone and Screaming Skull.

The Mortisan Soulmason is the largest of the three but also the simplest – there is no colour here that does not appear on the Mortek Guard, aside from the wispy ghost which is done Nighthaunts style (Ulthuan Grey, Hexwraith Flame, drybrushed with Ulthuan Grey).

The big deviant is the Mortisan Soulreaper, who does not follow the Mortek Guard at all – in fact, while everyone else is undercoated in Wraithbone, this one is done in Corax White and pretty much treated like a Nighthaunt.

The major difference is the ancient looking armour, and I puzzled for a little while on how to do this – then I remembered I had created exactly the effect I was looking for on my Malinax Knights. Simply start with a base of Eshin Grey, drybrush Leadbelcher, and shade with Nuln Oil – creates a very worn looking metal, which I also used on the Soulcrusher Bludgeons of one of the Gothizzar Harvesters.

And finally for this batch, another 30 Mortek Guard, bringing the current total up to three units of 30.

This also marks the passing of the halfway point on this army – right now on the painting table I have the last of the Mortek Guard, plus 10 more Deathriders and a Liege-Kavalos. After that, all that remains will be the various Stalkers, the big Crawlers and Katakros himself. I am going to take a punt and say that everything except Katakros will be completed by this time next week (and I am in no hurry to do the big guy just yet).

Let’s see how I get on!