So… On the one hand, I have another batch of Ossiarch Bonereapers all painted up and done, which is good… The downside is that I had actually planned to get a second batch all painted up by this time. Boiling-too-hot weather and other bits and pieces conspired to derail those plans, but some stuff is painted and that is always progress!

This batch is an important one, however, as is marks the completion of all the basic infantry and cavalry I intended to do for the Ossiarchs – a total of 120 Mortek Guard (four units of 30) and 20 Kavalos Deathriders (one unit of 10 and two units of 5).

By now, the painting system for Ossiarchs is running like a well-oiled machine and so while painting up 30 infantry and 10 cavalry in one batch would be seriously daunting with any other force, it really is just work as normal for these guys. Got them all done in more or less one lazy weekend.

Even the Kavalos Deathriders are a doddle. With their size (at least equal to Chaos Knights), they feel as though they should be a bit of a pain but, despite the increased surface area, they are pretty fast even when compared to the Mortek Guard. A bit more purple armour and, of course, those glowing skulls inside the skeletal structure, but even those a rapid to do.

The one brand new addition to the force is the Liege-Kavalos, probably the ‘ultimate’ leader of the army before you get to the named characters. He looks suitably imposing but even with exactly the same paint scheme as all the others, he still looks important enough to get attention. The addition of the Terradon Turquoise cloak (as well as the size of the model – he is noticeably larger than any Kavalos Deathrider) is sufficient to mark him as a leader model.

With all those done, I now only have one ‘batch’ to complete for the Ossiarchs – the Arch-Kavalos, 6 Necropolis Stalkers, 6 Immortis Guard and 2 Mortek Crawlers. Just 15 models, which I thought would be simple enough, even with their increased surface area… until I realised that they do not all fit on the painting area at once, which will mean some creativity when it comes to waiting for the coat of Skeleton Horde to dry… will need figuring out.

After that, it will just be Mr Katakros to do to complete the whole army, but I will not be rushing into doing him – going to be taking a little diversion into Slaves to Darkness and the Mortal Realms magazine first…