A few things in Real Life managed to get in the way, but still I managed to finish off a fairly massive (over 5,000 points, and that is without adding the Morghasts and Nagash that I already have painted) Ossiarch Bonereapers army in less than a month, all thanks to Contrast paints. If I had really put my nose to the grindstone, I maintain that 5,000 points could be done in a fortnight.

I say ‘finished’ because a) is an army ever truly finished? and b) I am intending to do Katakros fairly soon, but not just yet. I also have Vokmortian and Arkhan to do as well, but I am not even thinking about them yet as they will not be needed until I start tackling the Broken Realms campaign…

Anyway, the last things I polished off to ‘complete’ this army were some of the ‘specials’.

Six Immortis Guard, six Necropolis Stalkers, two Mortek Crawlers and the Arch-Kavalos himself, Zandtos.

Despite being one of the leading lights of the Ossiarch Bonereapers, Zandtos was supremely easy to do, with only the addition of Blood Angels Red on his saddle cloth to deviate from the colour scheme I used on the normal Deathriders (albeit with a fair bit more purple armour).

I was also impressed that by a simple change of base ornamentation, rider, and his mount looking from left to right, the same model looks noticeably different from the Liege-Kavalos, despite sharing perhaps 80% of the parts.

The Immortis Guard were another extremely easy unit to paint up – in a way, easier than the Mortek Guard. Sounds a bit weird as they are obviously much larger, but the colour scheme is exactly the same and the larger surface area makes the details easier to get to. Six of these guys, plus six similar Necropolis Stalkers, were faster to do than a unit of 30 Mortek Guard.

Pretty much the same applies to the Necropolis Stalkers, though I will say that the pose of the guy with the Dread Falchions is a little odd – you can get away with one looking like this but if you have two units, the pose seems a bit forced.

And finally we get to the Mortek Crawlers, the glamour puss of the Bonereaper army.

These were quite fun to do, and not anywhere near as fiddly as you might think. They followed the same paint scheme as the Mortek Guard (yes, really!) and end up somewhat larger than you might think for a model in that size of box.

My only real complaint about them, and it is a minor one, is that while you get a huge variation in how they appear with the arm raised or firing, the crew positions are exactly the same and there is not a great deal of repositioning that will make sense without a reasonable amount of conversion work.

Which is not what you want when speedpainting a force.

With the Ossiarchs now done (‘done’), I am going to be spending a little time on models from the Mortal Realms magazine, as we are now on the home straight with those and the final issues are just on the horizon. After that, another ‘new’ army will be tackled, in the form of a complete (1,000-1,500 points) all Marauder army for the Slaves to Darkness.

Once those are done, there will only be a few bits and pieces to do here and there to complete everything needed for the entire Wrath of the Everchosen campaign!