Currently, I am only trying to get through a unit a week, keeping a slow but steady pace going, but this weekend I put my nose to the grindstone and managed to do all this for the Imperial Fists garrison at Pluto.

Another Tactical Squad, a unit of Cataphractii Terminators, and a Cataphractii Praetor. A nice decent block to really get the Imperial Fist forces going.

The Tactical Squad is pretty much identical to the first, and I kept them fairly trimmed down with a lack of extra equipment. They are a garrison force, ready to defend their station but not armed to the teeth. So, while I went the extra mile on the Alpha Legion Tactical Squads, with close combat attachments for Bolters and a tooled up Sergeant, the Imperial Fists are more ‘just grabbed a Bolter and now racing for the breach’ kind of feel.

The Cataphractii Terminators take a similar approach, but I figured these will be the guys called up after the initial strike. I therefore went with a more ‘;standard’ weapons fit for them, whereas the forthcoming Alpha Legion Terminators will all be close assault specialists.

Finally, the Praetor. Nice amount of detail on this model but what these pictures do not properly get across is just how big this guy is. He towers over other Cataphractii. In fact, it really does feel he got to be a Cataphractii Praetor by beating up all the other Terminators.

I got through these guys quite quickly, so I managed to also get the base coat on the next lot of models – a couple of the aforementioned Cataphractii of the Alpha Legion. After that, it will be on to some more specialised forces for both Legions…