So, regular visitors will be aware that I have been working towards doing the forces for the Pluto campaign in the Horus Heresy. In the free PDF GW put up for download, as well as three scenarios (which I may expand when I get round to actually playing this campaign), they also included a brand new unit – the Cataphractii-armoured Huscarls for the Imperial Fists. I had always pegged having two units of these to act as Rogal Dorn’s own bodyguard on the outpost and, this weekend, I finished them:

To build these models, you just need the normal Cataphractii Terminators, and the Imperial Fists Storm Shields from Forge World. I went the extra mile and splashed out and also picked up the Cataphractii Power Axes while I was there, as Huscarls all need power weapons and models with Power Fists and a shield just look plain weird.

Once built up, I went for a black ‘Phalanx-inspired’ paint scheme rather than the usual bright yellow. I figured this would be understandable as units tasked with protecting the Primarch are probably allowed to go a bit different with their painting, and it serves to mark them out nicely from the rest of the Imperial Fists in the force. The bright yellow shoulder pads serve to link them into the rest of the army quite well.

That decided, the painting went extremely quickly – basecoat with Chaos Black spray and drybrush the highlights (Eshin and Admin Greys), then do the bare metal areas (not too many, but includes the inner side of the shield) and gold trimming (Retributor Gold, Agrax, and then Liberator Gold). The shoulder pads ended up being a bit streaky, as I used Corax and White Scar as a base for the Imperial Fists Contrast paint, but the transfers hide the worst sins there.

Polish off with a few details on the shield, and they are done!

Next up for Pluto will be some more Alpha Legion unit I am just building up now, which will flesh out that Legion nicely (and, indeed, I am getting to the end of the units needed for both forces) but, before I get to them, I am going to finish off all the Aeronautica models needed for the Prospero campaign and maybe, just maybe, have a quick dive back into Titanicus…