It is not often that you can say that you have truly finished a project – but today I can, as I have finally finished all the Aeronautica bits and pieces that I need for the opening stages of the Burning of Prospero campaign. Of course, that just leaves the entire rest of the campaign to complete… but we have to start somewhere!

Anyway, the Space Wolves airfleet was done a while ago and now the defending forces of Tizca, the Prosperine Airguard, are complete too.

For the Avengers and Lightnings, I simply went with the same colour scheme I used for my existing Thunderbolts and Marauders. I could have pushed the boat out an picked a red paint scheme to match the Spireguard ground forces but I thought a) the Airguard work for a living and so have something a little more camouflaged and b) it would mean I could use these models again in the Plague War of Ultramar, in another Aeronautica campaign I am planning (though I need GW to release the Chaos flyers for that!).

While the Lightnings will see a lot of service above the skies of Tizca, the Avengers will be less prominent, if indeed they get flown at all. The air battles for Tizca were purely about the Space Wolves hitting ground targets and landing forces, so the defending forces will be purely air-to-air. However, it is possible that the odd Avenger, being a fighter-bomber, may be forced into service.

The two Arvus Lighters are a fun little addition, I think, and are mainly there for the odd mission where a high-ranking Spireguard commander needs to be evacuated ahead of the Space Wolves’ advance. I used the same colour scheme as I did for the 40k scale Arvus, as it will let me link between the two games, and a craft like this suits a more utilitarian paint job rather than proud Thousand Son-related colours.

Finally, the ground assets. I already have a bunch of the plastic Imperial bunkers and AAA guns, so I just picked up two packs of the Astartes Ground Assets, bringing some Skyspears, Stormcannons and a couple of Bastions to help defend the city (being realistic, their main purpose will be to provide the Space Wolves with some ground targets as they fly troops in).

With the Aeronautica forces done for Prospero, it is now time to turn back to other forces in that campaign, as well as move towards finishing the models for Pluto. I have therefore been building a fair few models lately and now comes the process of getting them all painted. On the table next, a big bunch of reinforcements for the Alpha Legion…