These days, I generally paint just one or maybe two units at a time – it keeps the motivation going as there is always something new that you are about to dive into, rather than dreading going back to the painting table yet again to do just a little bit more to a vast horde that never seems to be reaching completion. However, I had a bunch of Alpha Legion Legionaries built and undercoated and, as they are relatively quick to do, I did them all as one batch to get a major lead towards finishing everything needed for the Pluto campaign.

So, now completed, two more Praetors (one in Cataphractii armour), two units of Lernaean Terminators and a Recon Squad.

I did not plan to have too many character models in the Pluto campaign (which may, after all, just be three scenarios long) but I figured having some ‘spare’ will allow us to sustain some critical casualties early in the campaign without leaving one force crippled and literally leaderless.

The first Prateor is an older model from the Forge World Heresy line-up, and this usually spells trouble – older Heresy models can be a little whack when it comes to scaling and the detailing is not… always completely awesome. However, this Cataphractii chap I have absolutely no complaints about. The details are sharp, and I think he painted up really, really nicely in Alpha Legion colours. The only change I made was replacing the bare head with a helmet from the Cataphractii plastic set because, well, they are all Alpharius.

The other Praetor is much newer, having been only recently(ish) released and, I have to say, it is nicely up to spec. Good posing, sharp detailing (but not too much of it), he is a nice addition to the Alpha Legion assault force.

The only reason I picked up a Recon Squad for the Alpha Legion was because their presence is mentioned in the write-up of the Pluto campaign. I like to be true to the source material for this kind of narrative campaign but I had some doubts as to the viability of a unit of snipers in the close confines of a space station. It was only when I started putting the models together that I remembered that they had a Shotgun option – yes! Now, that made sense.

This is an older kit and the casting is not completely A1 standard… but it works well enough, especially if you are the kind of painter who has learned to hide their own building mistakes behind the paint job…

Finally, the bulk of these reinforcements, two units of elite Lernaean Terminators. I think these guys look really sharp, and should prove to be something of a challenge for the Huscarls of the Imperial Fists (well, so long as they are kept at range). I started to slow down the painting process as I approached these guys, as the amount of silver detailing and armour edging was a little daunting but, as happens so many times, once I got into it the job was finished fast. In fact, once the armour and silver detailing is complete, the models get finished very, very quickly as the limited palette means there is little extra work to do.

With these units done, I am kinda finished with the Alpha Legion until GW get round to releasing some Mark VI Legionaries with pistols and Chainswords (and, aside from a few odds and sods, I am at a similar point with the Imperial Fists as I am just waiting for Breacher Squads). I have the Primarchs to do, of course, but am in no hurry to get them finished.

So, I think we will be returning to Prospero for a bit. I have some Armigers for House Malinax ready to start work on, and I want to catch up on some of the new plastic Heresy-era vehicles that have recently been released (a Sicaran, a clutch of Predators, and now the new Land Raider Proteus is about to land). Before all that though, there will be a quick dip into Titanicus to add to the forces that will be battling outside of the city of Tizca…