I had sworn I would be five days dead before I painted up more than one Titan at a time. You see, it is all that edging around the armour plates – utterly soul-destroying to do as there is just so much of it, and the bigger the Titan, the more edging there is to do. And once you have done the base colour for it, it has to be shaded. Then highlighted. All without accidentally catching the actual armour plating and ruining all the work you have done on that.

However, I had somehow convinced myself that by doing four Titans at once, I would complete my entire Titanicus ‘to do’ list and, surely, it would not take me much time to just crack through them.

It took a week longer than I had originally set out, and I am so glad it is now over. Still, I now have four more Titans done and nothing left to do for Titanicus until GW release something new. Or if I want a new Reaver with some of those variant Forge World weapons…

Two Dire Wolves, a Warbringer, and the mighty Warmaster, spread between Legios Mortis and Xestobiax and destined to fight on the blasted plains outside Tizca, on Prospero.

The Warbringer was, to be fair, a bit of a doddle to do. I am still waiting (in vain) for GW to do some transfers for the Legio Xestobiax, but a few signs of allegiance to the Thousand Sons fit quite well on this Titan. Painting-wise, it has some complications up top with the ‘open’ carapace and smaller guns, but the torso and legs are easy so once you are finished with the carapace you can get through the rest quite quickly.

He stands a little taller than a Reaver Titan, and looks good when escorted by two of them without dwarfing the ever so slightly smaller Titans.

We need to talk about the Warmaster.

It is a nice bulky model and though it stands perhaps just an inch taller than a Warlord, it is far, far bulkier and has a good ‘daddy’s here’ kind of feel to it. Looks like an absolute bruiser.

However, the building time…

Normally when you pick up a GW box set, you figure there may be an hour’s work in building it. If it is something simple or something you are very used to, like a Tactical Squad, you get some change out of that hour and can have a coffee. However, figure on an hour per box set, and you won’t go too far wrong.

The Warmaster does not follow that ethos. Not at all. There are just so many parts to it.

Total building time: Something around four hours. Four.

I cannot think of another GW model that comes anywhere near that, even when you look at the likes of the Baneblade or Archaon.

The Warmaster is just an absolute monster.

Looks good though, and certainly has a good ‘presence’ and intimidation factor when you put it on the table.

Worth all that armour edging? I’ll get back to you on that.

Which leaves the two Dire Wolves, one with a Volcano Cannon, the other with a Neutron Laser. After painting the Warmaster and Warbringer, these two were a fair joy to do. Not a great deal of armour edging, just enough to look good, and they look quite mean with the heavier weaponry.

Size-wise, they are the same as your standard Warhound, though the big gun up top does bulk them out a lot more.

It is worth talking about the build on these as well. In a nutshell, an absolute doddle. Forge World’s casting is on point these days, and all the parts ‘click’ together very well.


The pose is absolutely static. It has little pegs on the mid-leg joint that means they go together very easily, but that also means there is no posability. You can clip those off, meaning that above the knee you get the freedom of movement, but those feet are completely flat. You are going to need to cut them apart to get movement into them, and that would not be a fun job.

Not a problem with just one Dire Wolf, but you are likely to get two (even though it is difficult using both at once in a battle, due to the support rules) to get both weapon options, so this static pose might kinda stand out.

Anyway, another four Titans done and I am so glad they are finished.

At the moment on the painting table I have a slapchop project that is just being finished (hopefully polished off before the weekend), and then I will be diving into some serious Thousand Sons armour…