I really do not need another Blood Bowl team at the moment… but I wanted to pop just one more in. Enter The Bloodbound, my new Khorne team, which I picked up because a team full of Frenzy and absolutely no Block just seems to hilarious to pass up.

There will be endless opportunities to get myself into trouble, basically every turn without fail.

I picked up the plastic box set, but also availed myself of the resin booster set from Forge World, as this pads out the team nicely so you start off with a decent amount of both Bloodseekers and Khorngor. You also have a couple of variant Bloodborn Marauders to keep everything fresh.

For painting, I started off with the Slapchop method, obviously, for a force of this size. However, I ended up making it a bit of a ‘hybrid’ approach, as I wanted plenty of brass in there – being Khorne, it is kinda necessary, and Slapchop does not do metallics.

This turned out to be a good approach. The Slapchop elements look suitably good with the highlights shining through the Contrast paints (especially the skin, that turned out really quite nice with these models, beginning to get the hang of it), while the metals sort of hide the fact that I used Slapchop on them.

This did add to the painting time, as the Slapchop was polished off within a couple of hours or so, but the metallic lining took about the same length of time again.

By and large, I avoid Big Guys in Blood Bowl teams. They are too expensive, have a tendency not to do as they are told just when you need them, and rarely get the solid hits you are expecting from them.

However, the Khorne team is ridiculous enough to start with, so adding a Bloodspawn to the mix seemed the right thing to do. He responded really well to Slapchopping, and the Blood Angels Red Contrast used on his skin is uncannily similar to the skin I did on my Bloodthirsters way back when, but is accomplished in mere minutes. Recommended.

Finally, I added Max Spleenripper as a Star Player. Again, I don’t usually go in for the named characters, or chainsaws for that matter, but this is a silly team and a chainsaw seems like it will generate exactly the right amount of spilled blood for The Bloodbound.

Alongside the Khorne Blood Bowl team, I also managed to paint up some different but distinctly related models for another game. As soon as their bases get finished off, I will post them here!