So, apparently I am doing a Dark Angels force – another army started ‘by accident’, born from a single thought that went something along the lines of ‘wouldn’t it be whiz-o-whiz if…’

However, I was looking through GW’s website to figure out what could be added to the army (as you do) and I fell upon the Primaris Apothecary. And I thought… I really don’t want to paint up yet another one of those – all that white is a bit of a pain to do, and while the Dark Angels kinda need their Apothecary in battle, the mere thought of painting it filled me with less than joy.

Then I remembered my Ultramarines have a few Apothecaries, and they could surely donate one. After all, with the standard white armour for Apothecaries, all I needed to do to switch one to the Dark Angels was repainting one shoulder pad and applying a new chapter symbol transfer (I completely forgot about the dead marine on his base which also needed repainting to the Dark Angels, but I digress…).

Then I had an IQ 200 moment… the Ultramarines also had ‘spare’ Librarians and Chaplains… and they would just need a single shoulder pad updating as well.


Simples! My Dark Angels now comprise one small Assault Intercessor squad and a choice of four characters to lead a growing force into battle.

This week I have built an Impulsor to taxi the Assault Intercessors around the battlefield, and I will be using that as a test as to whether the speed painting approach I have used for the infantry can be applied to vehicles. If it can, this will not only be a good looking army, it will be a super-fast one to build up quickly.

I foresee a veritable Dark Angels legion in my near future (much like Commander Azrael, I suppose…).