Well, maybe not quite a legion.

However, my new speed painting approach for the Dark Angels is paying real dividends, and I managed to get all of these done in two lots, spread over just four lazy evenings.

Two squads of Intercessors, a big squad of Aggressors, and the Hammerfall Bunker, all reporting ready for battle! This is a nice big addition to my (now fast) growing Dark Angels army, and is enough to at least begin fighting some half-convincing battles.

Both Intercessors squads were built from the standard kit (rather than any of the older easy-to-build sets), and include the grenade launchers. In the past, I have sort of defaulted to equipping Intercessors with the Auto Bolt Rifle for some close-in work (and the Dark Angels definitely will be getting some of those down the road, perhaps as a unit of five in an Impulsor), but in the past I have always leaned towards the Dark Angels being more shooty, so the first squad was given the standard Bolt Rifle, and the second the Stalker variant for some decent long-ranged support.

I did have a bit of an argument with the transfers on these, and started remembering the joy of fitting large transfers on rounded shoulder pads. Thing is, there are not any ‘current’ transfers for Dark Angels, so I ended up using the ones you used to get on the little ‘multi-chapter’ sheet (I have loads of those), but they are just a tad too large to sit comfortably.

I then remembered that I had an old (non-Horus Heresy) Darks Angels transfer sheet from Forge World. Those transfers were a little smaller and are printed using slightly different materials which wrap around the shoulder pad perfectly.

However, when taking these photos, I noticed that two of those transfers had already started to flake off… so, going to have to revisit that on the next lot of Dark Angels…

For Aggressors, I typically like the missile-armed variants and was going to follow that familiar line, but I managed to pick up a unit of the easy-to-build models that are armed with the flamers for really not very much money – so, I built another three to make them a full unit of six. Should work well in any boarding action games I try out, and it gives me an excuse to do yet another Aggressors squad, this time armed with missiles (for some reason, I have always liked the look of Aggressors, right from when they were first released).

And finally, the Hammerfall Bunker. This model got some stick when it was first released, but I managed to pick it up (already built!) for £15 and… it is fine. It is fine.

It has some nice angles that are picked up nicely with the speed painting process. It may not be the best model within the Primaris range, but should work nicely in a future narrative battle where the Dark Angels are holding onto a crucial objective.

On the painting table right now is a small Ravenwing unit that I will also be looking to speed paint, though with a different approach to the rest of the Dark Angels. They really should not take too long and I am already casting about for more projects.

I was going to start a Vanguard company for the Dark Angels, but a (rare) mispack in the Combat Patrol set has knocked that on the head for this weekend. So, I was looking to do a little terrain, maybe build some more Soulblight Gravelords units… and then I remembered I have a model that is very large but can be painted very quickly.

We might have a winner for this weekend’s project…