I have already described a very quick way to paint Nurgle-affiliated Chaos Knights previously, but I have been wanting to return to this force for a while and finally decided now was the time to add a close combat-based Knight-Rampager. This was going to be my third ‘big’ knight for the army, therefore I should have been really in my stride when painting it up. So, how long was it going to take to complete this model?

Two hours. That is the answer.

From spraying the undercoat to putting the Stirland Mud on the base, a mere two hours to add this mighty Lord of War to the force. The base needs drying overnight, but it really is no hardship (and, to be honest, you could pop it on a shelf above a radiator if you were desperate to finish the model completely in the same evening…).

The only problem I faced when tackling this model was that I kept thinking that the same painting technique would look very good in red, if I just so happened to want to also do a Khorne-affiliated household. And how fun it might be to do a Khorne household that only used the close combat Knight-Rampagers that just leg it to the enemy lines…

But that way lies madness.

I think I want to add just one more big knight to House Slughorn, but I am in absolutely no rush and that can comfortably wait for a while.

In the meantime… back to the Dark Angels!