I have just had a somewhat overachieving weekend, which is not something that is normally associated with miniatures painting. I had been planning to finish off the contents of the new Agastus box set, but managed to do them a bit quicker than expected so immediately went onto the next project… and promptly finished that too.

The result? Three Primaris Dreadnoughts for the Dark Angels’ Third Company and another squad of Heavy Intercessors.

You will note, of course, that there are no Desolation Squads here. I am not hating on them (not particularly enamoured with them either, it has to be said…) but I already have three Fire Support squads in Third Company and, not desiring to start yet another Battle Company any time soon, I lumped them on eBay – if I do end up doing another company, I can always pick up the Desolation guys when they are released separately. Absolutely no hurry at all there.

As it turns out, Primaris Dreadnoughts are even faster to paint than I remember, especially with my current Dark Angels scheme that relies entirely on drybrushing for the basic armour panels. Being Dark Angels, I went with the obvious Plasma Incinerator, and the White Scar/Frostheart contrast approach for the plasma coils is working well even on these larger weapons.

For the second Redemptor Dreadnought, I went for a ‘determined stomping’ approach with the legs in mid-stride, Power Fist swinging backwards for momentum and the Gatling Cannon in the opposite position to get a ‘running’ feel to it… But looking at it now, I think it just looks like the guy inside has spotted a pigeon over the battlefield…

The glamour puss of this little batch is, of course, the Brutalis. Like just about everyone else in the entire world, I went with the Multi-Meltas on the chin mounts. Lacks originality, but they look good.

One word of caution on this model – his shoulder and chest plates are not the same size as Redemptors, so the Dark Angels chapter symbols had to be swapped around for this model (smaller one on the shoulder, larger on the chest – it is the other way round for Redemptors).

Finally, I managed to squeeze in one squad of Heavy Intercessors, and these boys mark an important step – I have now completed every squad needed to completely fill out Third Company (totalling, in fact, 11 squads, rather than 10, because everyone seems to be ignoring Codex rules these days) and, of course, also have the three Dreadnoughts. All I need now to polish off the entire company are two Lieutenants, a Captain (Master) and Ancient.

Going to wait to see if the rumoured Dark Angels refresh is going to be a thing, as I think these guys might well see some new models this year…

I mentioned overachieving at the start of this post and, as it turns out, I did not stop with just the Dark Angels. On top of all this, I managed yet another model, one that has been lying around for literally years before receiving attention. I’ll get some photos of it taken tomorrow…