So, I had an idea…

In my Ultramarines force, I always had the thought that I could do a complete Repulsor squadron – two ‘normal’ Repulsors, with an Executioner as the leader tank. However, while not massively complicated, my Ultramarines paint job was not the quickest in the world and my interest tailed off; until I started doing the Dark Angels again with their new super-quick paint scheme.

In fact, I thought, I could probably do the entire squadron in one go.

Fortunately, GW’s recent warehouse delays meant I did not have the two normal Repulsors handy when I finally embarked on the project, so I only have (for the moment) the Executioner command tank to show.

Fortunate because I think doing all three together might have been a mistake (eyes bigger than belly). Don’t get me wrong, these tanks are still very quick to do, all things considered, but there is enough detailing that would, with three tanks, have changed the project from a ‘bit of a doddle’ over two evenings to a longer slog that would likely have consumed a whole week or more. There is just something about being able to clear an entire project in 2 lazy evenings (all this tank took!) that hits ‘peak motivation’ and while you do not get the final endorphin rush of having something big polished off, overall you get more done over time – witness the Dark Angels Third Company being completed in circa six weeks.

One thing I noticed with this model, as an aside… I did all the weapon casings in dark red, as I have done with every other Dark Angels model, but on the Repulsor Executioner it does seem to highlight the meme of the (possibly) ridiculous number of weapon systems it is carrying on the turret…

Also, the sharp-eyed among you may wonder why, if this is the squadron leader tank, it is tank number 2. Well, the answer is the same as with the Gladiator I completed recently – it opens the door to doing an entire company of Repulsors. Three squadrons, with the leader tank for each numbering 2, 5, and 8, with tank number 1 being the company commander. Now, I do not seriously think I will ever do that with these tanks (if I am unlikely to do it with Gladiators, it goes double for these big boys) but maybe GW or Forge World will one day do a special Repulsor upgrade, which would make for a perfect company commander, even if he really only has a separate squadron to command.

With the Executioner done, I am not just waiting for the two normal Repulsors to arrive from GW but I am in no real hurry. In the meantime though, I am going to have a crack at a squadron of Ravenwing Invader ATVs, I have a couple of new Heresy-era units built and undercoated, and some new models arrived this week that may earn a place in leapfrogging some other projects as, well, I just fancy giving them a go!