Vermin on the Field

This update is a bit of a cheat, as I actually completed these additions to the Skavenblight Scramblers earlier this year, but have only just got round to photographing them.


These six models are basically the additional resin casts from Forge World that you can use to bulk out your Skaven team. Will a tad on the pricey side (it is Forge World, after all), they do serve to break up the ‘samey’ variation among the plastic set.


You also get access to two Skaven star players, starting off with Hakflem Skuttlespike, a mean-as-hell two-headed four-armed blitzer. However, may favourite has to be the Fat Rat, Glart Smashrip – there is just so much character in this model.


Rounding the additions to the team off are the four rats from the booster pack, with two Gutter Runners (always useful in a Skaven team), a Thrower and another Blitzer.

Still haven’t played the new Blood Bowl beyond the XBox, but the teams are now filling out nicely!

On the painting table now (and for the foreseeable future) is everything I had put together, based and undercoated for the Christmas Project but did not get round to  – going to be taking it at an easy pace, kicking off with some more Crypt Ghouls and the first of the Kharadron ships. After that… maybe a new army?



The Dwarf Giants

I have finally finished my Dwarf team for Blood Bowl – something of a relief, as these models have been hanging around the painting table for months and months.


I had started these guys early this year, but then I heard that Forge World were doing some star players, so I stopped and waited for them (may as well do everything together), then I got distracted by Age of Sigmar stuff, then 8th edition 40k came out…

Anyway, they are done now!


I followed Duncan’s method for doing their armour (Sotek, Agrax, Sotek, and then Temple Guard Blue), which is fast and easy.


For the Troll Slayers, I used the same oranges as on the Fyreslayers – the ‘dry’ Kindleflame is the secret weapon here, as it really brings out the highlights for not very much effort.


I also started a Dwarf team in Blood Bowl II on the Xbox, to get into the mood (though I have been somewhat distracted by the Amazon team they recently added…).


And finally, the models that stalled the entire team in the first place – straight from Forge World. The real ‘star’ here is, of course, the Death Roller, complete with a Goblin it is trampling over.


Quite a fun model overall and, despite it getting sent off by the ref a great deal, I think it will cause a suitable amount of terror on the pitch.


Grim Ironjaw was painted up in Dwarf Giant colours, though that really just means a change of trousers for a Troll Slayer.


And, last of all, Grombrindal, the White Dwarf himself. I kept his colours more or less as Forge World suggests, as he is a bit special, but I did his padded tunic in the same blue as the Dwarf Giants’ armour to keep everything tied together.

Next up for Blood Bowl is the Goblin team (with the Black Gobbo and Troll!), and the Bright Crusaders. I think they will be a little while in coming, as I have a fair bunch of Death Guard and Heresy-era models to get through at the moment, along with the Kharadron Overlords…

Blood Bowl Big Guys

I  am not on a serious track for Blood Bowl (still have yet to actually physically play the new edition, though I am up to speed on the Xbox version…), but I am more or less keeping pace with painting the new releases – I am generally two teams behind the releases, which is okay by me.

This weekend, I did some ‘tidying up’ by painting some of the big guys and star players I have had lying around for a bit (seem to be on a bit of a drive right now to paint up models that have been built and undercoated, but not actually painted).


All these models have been done in Reikland Reavers colours though, with Star Players, that perhaps matters a bit less.

First up are Grak and Crumbleberry, the models available exclusively from Warhammer World.


They seem nice enough, and it is always good to see the little guys on the pitch (however briefly).


And if you have the Reikland Reavers, Griff Oberwald is as much a feature as the Mighty Zug. For such a well known player, the model is very easy to approach (no hassles putting him together, despite multiple resin pieces, and he paints the same as the rest of the team, following the guide in the Blood Bowl rulebook).


The other truly well-known player is Morg ‘n’ Thorg, and there is a suitably impressive miniature from him available via Forge World as well.


Again, despite the size, there really is nothing complicated about this model, especially if you are (more or less) following the Reikland Reavers colour scheme.

Finally, the plastic Ogre, because you can never have too many of the Big Guys.


Painting is a bit odd at the moment because, while I have said the Kharadron Overlords are the next priority, I have really been doing everything but, focussing instead on clearing a ‘backlog’ that has built up. This weekend, I also finished models from a 40k boxed game, which you will see in the next post, and instead of moving onto the Duardin, I currently have some Ungors, Centigors and a Bonegrinder Giant on my painting table (he is mahoosive!).

Might leave the Overlords for when we get a solid block of 40k releases with the new edition which, I think, is a lot closer than many people are expecting…

Skavenblight Scramblers

I have been managing to keep the Blood Bowl releases on a low key roll, and this weekend I managed to finish off the Skavenblight Scramblers:


Overall, I am quite happy with how these little rats turned out. I more or less followed the paint scheme from the ‘official’ Skavenblight Scramblers, and the models are very nice, especially considering they are snap-together in design.


I started off base coating them Mournfang Brown, with a Tyrant Skull drybrush, but there is not too much need to go heavy on that (as you might with Clanrats) as there is not a great deal of fur on display.


The skin goes on next (Bugmans), then the metal (Leadbelcher and Balthazar), before everything gets drenched in an Agrax wash.


Then it is just a case of doing the highlights and clothing. Black (with Skavenblight Dinge highlight) is predominant, along with the green trimmings and armour (Warpstone Green, followed by Moot Green – no wash needed here).


The red spot colours are just Mephiston, Agrax and Evil Sunz.


I was unusually efficient and did the Rat Ogre at the same time. Despite criticisms of this model in the various forums, it really does look better in real life – not awesome, but better.


The green colour scheme works particularly well on a larger model, I think.


Finally, I also ‘popped in’ Varag Ghoulchewer. Nothing to do with Skaven, of course, but as a single model he was really quick to do in the colours of the Gouged Eye team, as detailed in the Blood Bowl rulebook.

Review – Grak and Crumbleberry

This is a bit of an odd review, and the first I have done for miniatures, but I think there will be some readers who will appreciate it…

I was up at Nottingham this weekend, for the Triumph & Treachery event for Age of Sigmar, and I noticed this pack in the Warhammer World store:


A Star Player Duo for Blood Bowl, Grak and Crumbleberry, an Ogre and Halfling pair.

Warhammer World has been doing ‘exclusive’ releases for some time now, items that can only be purchased if you actually visit Games Workshop HQ. Feelings on this seem to be mixed – on the one hand, getting hold of them is plain impossible if you live far overseas (and is not always easy if you live in the UK), so many gamers are denied the opportunity to pick them up. On the other hand, it is a nice nod to people who make the effort to attend events there, albeit one they pay for.

This pack seems to have been a bit of a ‘stealth’ release for Blood Bowl, and I have not seen much chatter about it on the forums.

For £20, you get two resin Blood Bowl Star Players, the aforementioned Grak and Crumbleberry.


Though they have joined my ‘painting queue’, I have not put these two chaps together yet, but you can see how they all fit together from the (digitally-printed) blister insert.

However, the insert folds out, to give you not only the (very easy) assembly instructions but also the rules needed to field this pair (and they are only ever fielded as a pair).


No background or fluff is given for them (and while I have been playing Blood Bowl since the first edition, I was never really into the Star Players, so I am afraid I do not know if these guys are brand new or a reprisal from the past), which is a bit of a shame but, given the expression on the Halfling, I think we can presume he gets given the ball and then gets hurled by the Ogre.

There is also a separate sheet given for a new Player Card – very flimsy, so I am not sure it will actually get used as a card, but it will allow you to give a fellow team-mate a good kicking, sending them sailing down the pitch.

I am sure nothing can go wrong with that.

In short, I like these models and think they will be good additions to my small but growing Blood Bowl collection, and hope Warhammer World will do more. However, I do have the opportunity to pick these exclusive models up while others do not, so I can understand any kick back GW receives on the forums about this.

The Reikland Reavers

Recent painting has not been superfast, but I did manage to polish off another Blood Bowl team – the human Reikland Reavers!


Overall impression of these guys… nice enough, but there is far less variation between models than for the Orc team, almost as if all the effort went into the greenskins, and these chaps were left until last. You can certainly see this on the Linemen:


And even the Blitzers, who should be the real stars of the team, are rather close in appearance to the Linemen:


Another complaint is that the included transfers were not used on the models pictured in the rulebook. Which is fine, but if you choose the Reavers paint scheme, the Griffon transfers will not fit on the shoulder pads. Not brilliant.

On the plus side, I do rather like the models for the Throwers…


… and the Catchers.


Little complaint here, and this goes back to the original Blood Bowl range – the included balls do make the models look nicely dynamic, but it looks really odd when your team seems to be carrying five balls at the same time…


Finally, I added the Mighty Zug from Forge World. Really nice pose on this model and, if you are worried about it, very, very easy to paint (always a concern with Forge World models).


Liking this model a lot, will be adding Varag Ghoulchewer to the Orcs when I get a chance!

The next Blood Bowl project will be the Skavenblight Scramblers, but I have a veritable legion of Kairic Acolytes on the painting table at the moment, that I am hoping to polish off this weekend!

The Gouged Eye

I was going to give the new Blood Bowl a miss when it first appeared, but I made two mistakes. First, I have been playing it a fair bit on the XBox, which caused me to remember how much I enjoyed the game in days gone by. Second, I realised that I could get hold of it at a price that put it squarely in the impulse purchase bracket.

So, I got myself Blood Bowl and, this weekend, painted up the Orc team.


I went for the ‘official’ Gouged Eye colour scheme because, well, why not (and the Humans are likely to be done as the Reikland Reavers, though I am leaning towards doing Skaven the same colours I did when I was a teenager), and I think they have come up quite nicely.


These are really nice sculpts, a far, far cry from the models we had in previous editions. They were more like playing pieces, while these are genuinely nice models.


The Black Orcs are especially menacing.


For the paint scheme, I simply followed all the directions given in the Blood Bowl rulebook. Nice, simple, and effective.


Have to say, if I were playing this game ‘seriously’, I would already have picked up another core set to pad out the teams. My standard Orc line up has the two Blitzers, only uses one Thrower, but puts four Black Orcs up front. The Linemen bulk the team up to 11 players (who needs reserves, eh?) and then I try to squeeze a re-roll in. Rely on the general Orciness of the team to give durability and wait until you get a few skills on the Blitzers (the Black Orcs struggle to get them quickly, but Block and Mighty Blow are always the first choices, and that starts making them a real problem for opposing teams).

Still, at the moment, just looking to paint the models up. I’ll worry about composition if I ever join a proper league.


I also picked up the Forge World Referees (I have also grabbed Zug and pre-ordered Varag, and so I am beginning to get the nasty feeling this game is going to become like Age of Sigmar for me – not an issue in itself but Adeptus Titanicus and Battlefleeet Gothic are both on their way, and something will have to give…).

These are delightful little models, full of character, but they are getting near my Talent Limit. From a distance they look okay, just don’t focus on their shirts all that much.

I have a fair bit of gaming coming this weekend, so I am not likely to get the Reikland Reavers done, but I’ll get them started and begin thinking about putting the Dwarf Giants together!