Table-Legal Space Wolves

It took me a fair while (most of a year) and there were a fair few tribulations involved, but I finally finished off two squads of Grey Slayers for the Heresy-era Space Woofs, which means they are table legal using a Combined Arms Detachment.


Painting these guys is easy (if you want quick to paint Heresy-era Marines, stick with MkIV power armour rather than the ribbed MkIII), and I have got the technique down pat now. Building them… well, that was more of a chore.

The issue is that GW do not do close combat weapons for their MkIV Space Marines (aside from the odd Power Fist and Sword for sergeants), which means you need to go to Forge World. Which is fine (though always a little expensive), but Forge World do not do a separate close combat weapons upgrade pack like they do with heavy weapons. So, you need to buy the actual Assault Marines. But I did not want to build twenty resin marines, I wanted to use the plastic MkIV guys…


Anyway, long (and costly) story short, those are the Assault Marine arms you are seeing on plastic MkIV bodies.

It is done now, I like the results, and I am not going to think too much further on that subject.


Knowing that, as Troops choices, these guys are going to get fielded a lot (in just about every battle), I kept them fairly cheap in terms of options – they are also the youngest Space Woofs,so I figured they would not be trusted with the really cool stuff. So, the Huscarls both get a Frost Claw (and one grabbed a Plasma Pistol from the Armoury), one Grey Slayer in each squad purloined a Power Sword, and one had a ‘special weapon – a Power Fist in one squad and another Plasma Pistol in the other.

Keeps everything low cost but still allows them to (in theory) deal with pretty much anything they meet on the battlefield.

Both squads desperately need a Rhino though…

So, what is next on the painting table?

Well, the two starting Shadespire warbands are almost done (will be finished later this week), and Death Guard Bloat-Drones and Crawlers have already moved into position to be done next – hoping to get those done over the weekend.

For the Heresy, I have some Thousand Sons characters and a flyer (which I am hoping will turn out fairly awesome) getting their base colours sorted but I will be returning to the Death Guard first to finish off their characters, Terminators and one more Plague Marine squad before I start looking at other projects…


Space Wolves Xiphon & Support Squad

The Space Woofs took delivery of two new units this weekend – a little Tactical Support Squad and a big, honking Xiphon Interceptor…


My Space Woof Heresy-era army is doing quite well with support squads, ever since I discovered that their main Tactical Squads actually are support squads (Space Woofs use Grey Slayers as their core, which I will be working on soon).


On the whole, I have avoided filling up both the Space Woofs and Thousand Sons with a multitude of AP2 and 3 weaponry, to make the forthcoming battles more interesting – not much fun when you are removing whole units at a time, and we want to see squads moving up the battlefield as they weather a hail of firepower.

However, to move onto what I think you will all be more interested in… the Xiphon Pattern Interceptor…


This model was not a complete pain to put together by any means, and the central split between the two halves of the fuselage is well concealed by the cockpit, engines and sensor pods.

Painting-wise, it was as dead simple as they Caestus (all Space Woof vehicles will follow this pattern), with a base of Dawnstone and Khorne Red, Agrax seeped into all the cracks (not as time-consuming as you might fear), followed by a tidy-up of splashes and then following all edges with Adminstratum Grey or Mephiston Red. Polish off with metals, make use of the Forge World transfer sheet and you are done!


For the forthcoming Prospero campaign, I am planning some Death From the Skies battles to feature the initial wave of attacks on Tizca from the sea, which involved a lot of aerial battles. The Space Woofs will have this Xiphon to protect them but will mostly have various troop-carrying craft, such as the Caestus. The Thousand Sons will have a strong air defence, receiving two Xiphons for starters.


Now, after finishing these Space Woof models, I was going to dive into Thanquol, Horticulous, and a Void Shield Generator (the first-run resin model, quite a sod to put together), but I got distracted by the new Eight Lamentations novel from Age of Sigmar which features (among many other things) Kharadron Overlords. So, I found myself grabbing my Arkanaut Companies this weekend and base-coating them.

Finishing them this week might be a tall order but, once done, I will be diving back into 40k with the aforementioned Void Shield Generator, and some more Thousand Sons models – their first Xiphon, plus a clutch of characters.

Of course, I’ll be getting hold of Mortarion and another unit of Plague Marines this week, so we will see how long that plan survives contact with the enemy…

Space Wolves Mk III Tactical

The Heresy forces roll slowly on, and they are now building into decent forces – not enough for a big battle, but I can see they are beginning to get there!

This week… a Mk III Tactical Squad for the Space Woofs.


This makes two Tactical Squads done and dusted for the Space Woofs, matching the Thousand Sons. Normally, this would mean I now have enough to fill out the basic force organisation for the army but, with Space Woofs, it does not quite work out that way. In the Heresy Era, Tactical Squads are support options for the Wolves, meaning that while they take a Troops slot, they cannot be used for compulsory Troops slots – instead, the Space Woofs have Grey Slayers squads, and two of these will be the next major addition I do for the army.

Might slip in a little Xiphon as well…

Space Wolf Recon Squad and Geigor Fellhand

Two small but effective units for the Heresy-era Space Woofs today – Geigor Fellhand from the Prospero box set and a Forge World Recon Squad…


When I started doing the Horus Heresy armies, I figured that (after the two box sets) I would be spending a fair bit of time messing around with resin models, which did not thrill me a great deal. I am quite happy working with resin for larger vehicles and terrain, but for entire squads with lots of fiddly pieces? Not a brilliant time.


However, the Recon guys were okay – though they are just a five man squad, and I have two ten-man squads of Grey Slayers coming up, so perhaps I ought to reserve full judgement until then…

These guys are dead easy to paint, with no gold lining other than around the exposed shoulder pads, and dark cloaks covering a lot of the model. In the Space Woofs colour scheme, they end up looking suitably drab, which is just what you want from a Recon Squad!


For Geigor Fellhand, I pretty much followed the Prospero Painting Guide, and he turned out better than I had thought he would, particularly around the face. I thought his armour might end up a bit messy, due to the very thin gold lining but, again, better than I had expected!

I had hoped to also get a whole bunch of Primaris Marines done and dusted, but they will follow a little later this week, and next up will be a Space Woof Tactical Squad in MkIII armour (which will also mark the completion of all the Heresy plastics from the two box sets). However, this coming weekend is being set aside for the Nurgle daemons from the forthcoming Blightwar box set…

The Thousand Sons Swell

I managed to complete one unit for the Thousand Sons this weekend, plus add another…


The Tactical Squad is a bit of a cheat, as I had already done the first ten – I was going to add another Tactical Squad to the army (making for a total of three) but I had just given the Space Woofs a Caestus so thought it only fair that the Thousand Sons respond by being able to overwhelm enemy squads.


I am getting quite quick at painting these guys and, with two Tactical Squads, the Thousand Sons are now ready to fight, albeit in small battles.


Then there is the Contemptor – the Space Woofs already have one of their own and I could not resist getting hold of one of the Thousand Sons-pattern Contemptors. I was a bit nervous about whether my lacquering method would work on larger flat surfaces without ‘pooling’ but, as it turned out, things went well. The next challenge will be to try it on a ‘proper’ vehicles such as a Predator or Land Raider (though I have a feeling the Thousand Sons will be getting a Xiphon or two to counter the Space Wolfs’ Caestus…).


Next up for the Heresy will be a couple more units for the Space Woofs, which I will hopefully polish off this week – then it is back to the Primaris and Death Guard for a bit…

Caestus Assault Ram

Like most miniatures gamers, I have a fair metal (and plastic, and resin) mountain tucked away, but this weekend I managed to put a little dent in it by finishing a model that I have had lying around for well over a year – the Caestus Assault Ram.


What is not to like about a flyer that can whiz onto the table, smash itself into fortifications, and then disgorge two units of Terminators into the ruins, eh?


This model was originally intended for either the Mantis Warriors or (forthcoming) Tyrant’s Legion, but I am on a bit of a Heresy kick at the moment, and the Space Wolves are just desperate to have something that will aid their attack on the Thousand Son’s City of Tizca.

Overall, the model was dead simple to put together, though it should be noted that it is very tail heavy, and so it has to be mounted fairly well forward on its base. Painting-wise, it is a doddle, being no more difficult than a Land Raider, say, though there is a fair bit of surface area. The finishing touches came from the Forge World transfer sheet.


This is the first vehicle I have painted up for the Heresy forces that is larger than a Dreadnought, though I have a feeling it will not be the last.

Now, how do we think the Thousand Sons will answer this challenge?

Thousand Sons Mk III Marines

Just a quickie, but I managed to get another Horus Heresy unit done this weekend – a Thousand Sons Tactical Squad, composed of Mk III Space Marines…


I was fairly dreading getting on to these, as they have a lot more gold lining than their Mk IV counterparts but, when it came to it, they not only were easy to get through, I think I prefer them!

I was going to do two units of these guys for the Thousand Sons but, to shake things up, I think I will simply add another ten Marines to this squad to give the Thousand Sons some real backbone and durability.

That will be the next Heresy-era project, but a Space Woofs Mk III squad will soon follow, along with a Caestus Assault Ram (been putting that together, it is a big beast!), and last week I received a Forge World Recon Squad (intended for the Space Woofs again), with two Assault Squads destined to become Grey Slayers.

Like the Primaris Flesh Tearers, I have only been adding the odd unit here and there, but both the Heresy-era armies are beginning to build up nicely!