Codex Star Wars Downloads

Okay, enough already – an awful lot of you want PDFs of the Star Wars Codexes we did for Warhammer 40,000!


After digging my inbox out of the deluge of emails asking for copies, I finally came to the conclusion that it was just possible that other gamers might want to have a play themselves. Always happy to oblige.


You can now download Codex: Rebel Alliance here.

And you can download Codex: Galactic Empire here.

Hope you all enjoy them!


Core of Corruption

Okay, due to work c0mmitements, gaming has really not been doing too well of late – I have a bad case of Real Life interfering with what is important.  Which needs fixing, obviously.

I have managed to get a little painting done, and I have a 40k game or two scheduled for tomorrow, so I’ll get some photos and do an update on all of that in the next day or so.  I also made a recent order to GW for some general ‘supplies’ and might have accidentally picked up a couple of units for a possible Fleshtearers army (yes, I am that weak – obviously having three chapters on the trot is not enough marines).

As the end of the Star Wars campaign begins to hove into view (maybe 8 sessions/weeks, give or take), we are starting to look around for the next Big Thing for the gaming table.  The current front runner is a return to our Spinward Marches Traveller campaign (came to a halt before I started this blog, just before we ran through Dark Heresy), especially as I am due to get my hands on the all new Secrets of the Ancients campaign, which should fit into our group superbly.  There is even talk of Richard rejoining our group (he dropped out just before we started Dark Heresy), reprising his role as the Aslan Black Claw.

Anyway, all that is for the future.  The past couple of weeks has seen us continuing Star Wars, with the start of the Core of Corruption adventure.

Our intrepid heroes were dispatched to Imperial Centre (Coruscant) in order to locate files and personnel involved with the Sarlacc Project.  They were armed with a contact and a handful of leads.

Once they managed to navigate the busy space lanes of Coruscant (not an easy task, and they saw a very familiar Star Destroyer jump in just after they arrived, fraying nerves), they landed and found themselves hotel rooms.  In different hotels, natch, as the humans were not prepared to slum it, and aliens are not welcome in the higher class joints.

It actually took them some time to remember to try to reach their contact – who promptly told them he would help if they got into trouble but was not going to do their investigating for them.

By asking a few questions and engaging in some rudimentary computer searches, Kat (playing Elethial, a human noble/Jedi – actually, recently made Jedi Knight) managed to locate an Imperial ISB agent who was known to have at least some connection to the Sarlacc Project, finding out he would be engaged in his own investigation at a night club that evening.  Meanwhile Nick (playing Teebo, a Duros scoundrel/ace pilot) started asking after a Sullustan with a shady background amongst other aliens – dodging a COMPNOR anti-alien group with a superb piece of bluffing along the way (cornered in a dark alley, he was facing a beating, but convinced his would-be attackers that he was about to through a grenade to take them all out – they ran…).

They decided to follow Nick’s lead first, giving him another chance to show off his expert flying skills as they descended in a hired airspeeder into a labyrinthine and long-disused factory district.  At the heart of this place, they found the Sullustan’s hideout, just as he was being cornered by bounty hunters.  The latter were taken care of quickly (the players used stealth and achieved complete surprise), and managed to talk the Sullustan out of his armoured strong room.  After a quick bribe to give him enough money to get off world (he had irritated the Empire), the players learned the location of the Sarlacc Project, a tower under construction known as the Imeici Spire, and that they would need high level access to gain entry, of the sort an ISB agent would carry.

Some background checks on the ISB agent had already revealed that he often used a double on operations.  So armed, the players went to the Outlander Club to track him (the same place the Jedi chase Zam to in Episode II).  They duly found what they thought was the double but were abruptly brought up short.  In a real Gostbusters’ moment, they asked ‘okay, so what do we do now?’

Kat tried chatting the guy up, with little success.  Andy (playing Joshua, a human elite soldier) then waded in, demanding why they guy was ‘chatting to his girl’. Threats were made, and they ended up ‘taking it outside.’

The agent and his colleagues followed the double, Kat and Andy into a nearby alleyway, and the other players followed them.  Before any nastiness started, Kat sneaked up on the real agent and put a lightsabre to his throat, ordering them all to stand down.  The agent, being high level and no stranger to danger, ordered his men to open fire, and then shoved an elbow into Kat to break free.

Andy quickly rapid-fired the other agents to death, while Kat sliced off the agent’s hand, incapacitating him.  The brief fight alerted an Imperial patrol, and the players ran to their airspeeder, agent in tow, while trading fire with the patrol. Jumping into their airspeeder, the players thought they had gained a clean getaway – until they noticed a small surveillance droid chasing them.  Which was quickly joined by two more.  Who then vectored two patrol speeders on to the players.

Andy and Sand leaned out of the speeder’s windows to fire at the droids, scoring early hits. Kat used the Force to crush another droid, but the agent took the distraction as an opportunity to try to put a vibroblade between her ribs. Andy was on the ball though, and stunned the agent senseless before he could attack (after persuading Kat that drawing a lightsabre in a crowded speeder was not a good idea…).

Meanwhile, Nick was engaging in tight evasive moves, plummeting vertically through busy skylanes as the patrol speeders gave chase.  After breaking line of sight and reversing direction in the skies of Coruscant, he finlly managed to evade them.

After a brief rest, the players did a little more investigating, concentrating on finding out more on Imeici Spire.  They discovered the location of the construction company and, after discarding the ‘direct approach’ to the Spire, decided to try to gain entry by deception, posing as a work crew.

So, we ended the last session with them on board a construction speeder heading towards the Spire. They know the Inquisitorius is located somewhere in this structure, as well as the Sarlacc Project, and are spoiling for a real fight after all that ‘sneaking around.’

Maybe, next week, they will discover what the Sarlacc Project is all about?

First to Strike

Time to catch up with our regular weekly Star Wars RPG campaign, WotC’s own Dawn of Defiance.

We are fairly rocketing thorugh this campaign now, and the past two weeks have seen us start and complete another scenario – First to Strike.

The players were detailed by Master Denia to travel to a far off world called Nizon, where they were to find out more about the Sarlacc Project, and offer any assistance to the Nazreen, the alien race that had been subjected to Imperial slavery for at least a while – all reports indicated that the Empire was in the process of leaving the world.

Umm, not so much, as the players discovered when they jumped in system.  They were greeted by a Venator-class Star Destroyer and a squadron of V-Wing fighters.  Taking the helm of the Starstrider, the players’ recently upgraded transport (give me big engines, Kat had told the rest, just convert the cargo bay into massive engines!) was Nick (playing Teebo, a Duros Scoundrel).  Nick had just selected the Ace Pilot prestige class, and as they were pursued by V-Wings through a dust/meteor belt around the planet, his pilot sklls were frankly awesome, diving through the cloud and outwitting the Imperial pilots.  Upon breaking into the atmosphere, he promptly found a cave a few miles from the main city, and parked.

All was going well until Andy (Joshua, Human Elite Soldier) decided to plant a few explosives around the mouth of the cave and detonated them, trying to hide the ship further.  Unfortunately, he overcooked it a little, and the ship was nearly buried.  Deciding to deal with that later, the players rode into town on their swoops.

They quickly saw the Imperial presence was very heavy in the city, and quickly determined that the leader of a possible resistance was being held in an Imperial facility. One attack later, they broken into the compound, dealt with the Stormtroopers (armed with heavy repeating blasters and rocket launchers), and freed the prisoners.  The resistance leader made himself known and led them to a ‘safehouse.’

Here, he asked them to help overthrow the Empire on his world, offering to start a citywide riot with his people.  The riot started first thing the next morning, and the players dove in wholeheartedly (though Andy was moaning that he had left his mini-proton torpedo launcher in the ship).

Throughout the evening, they fought (and then requisitioned) a squad of AT-RTs, rescued Nazreen children from a burning building while under fire from a Stormtrooper squad, stopped a slave ship from taking off and assaulted the main Imperial control facility on the world – this involved taking on an AT-ST singlehanded. This took place in an enclosed plaza.  Upon seeing the AT-ST, both guys(Nick and Andy) promptly fled the scene, leaving the two girls (Sand and Kat) to deal with the menace for several rounds.  By the time Andy returned to help blast the thing, Kat had pretty much knackered it with her Force powers.  By the time Nick returned (from a wide flanking move, apparently), the battle was over!

That done, they had control of all communications on the planet, and switched off the navigation systems the Empire had been using to navigate the dust cloud around the world.

The climax took place at a new facility the Empire had nearly completed, a combined shield generator/anti-ship battery.  They ran into a bounty hunter who had been in pursuit of them, who tried to use information on the Sarlacc Project to pull them in, the confrontation taking place at the top of the construction site, far above the ground. Charging in, Andy and Sand tried to end the fight quickly, only to find out the bounty hunter was actually quite good, and probably capable of taking the entire group down!

Nearly ending Andy’s and Sand’s adventures there and then (after throwing a thermal detonator at the others!), the bounty hunter was finally overcome by Kat finally managing to hold him in a Force Grip while Andy used a Destiny Point to score an automatic critical hit – a good use of the point.  The bounty hunter’s accomplish tried to blast away (after suitably threatening the players) in his Cloakshape fighter, but Kat used the Force to hold the craft in place while Andy clamboured onto its exterior.

Fixing a demo charge on the fighter’s cockpit, he waved cheerfully at the pilot, who was straining the engines in an effort to get away.  Kat’s Force powers finally failed, and the craft rocketed into the sky – where, after a few seconds, it detonated, pieces slowly falling back to the planet’s surface.

Retrieving a scorched datacard, the players discovered a new lead for the Sarlacc Project – all important personnel involved are currently working on Coruscant, Imperial Centre.

Perchance this is where they will be headed this coming week?  Will they (finally) discover just what the Sarlacc Project is all about?

A Brush with the Dark Side

The Star Wars Dawn of Defiance campaign continues apace.

The players hit 8th level this week, and are really getting into the meat of the campaign.  In an effort to find out more about the mysterious Sarlacc Project of the Empire, Jedi Master Denia sent them to a ruined Jedi Academy to retrieve a Holocron – in the hope that the artefact will grant her the wisdom to penetrate the plans of the Empire.

As they went down into the sub-levels of the Academy, one of the players remarked that it was turning into a dungeon adventure.  This was true enough, but players never appreciate that dungeon adventures are often a welcome break for the Games Master.  They are very easy to run and the players literally cannot deviate from the path.

Any such thoughts were quickly swept away when the players started hitting some of the (very tough) encounters. The Dark Side was strong in the ruined Academy, and it started messing with their minds. First, they appeared to be seperated from one another and then attacked by someone from their past adventures (which was a good excuse for me to bring Darga the Hutt back, albeit briefly).

Kat (playing Elethial, Human Noble/Jedi) and Sand (Leeana, a Twilek Scoundrel) dove into the encounter with determination.  Thinking she was fighting a corrupted Master Denia, Kat promptly throttled Sand to within an inch of her life.  The guys (Nick and Andy) were a little more cautious and refused to get into a fight – this saved the party as a whole and the illusion was dropped – only to reveal a Dark Side ooze which immediatly attacked.

This did not prepare the party for the next encounter, against a Dark Side Dreambeast.  Not having the exact miniature for this encounter, I plonked WotC’s Blue Dragon on the table – it was a rough approximation of what they were fighting, and the size got the message across.  This was going to be a hard battle.

Their first thought was to run, but the party was trapped in a small room with few exits.  Sand used her acrobatics to vault onto the beast’s back (either brave or foolhardy, your choice), while Andy (Joshua, Human Soldier) unloaded with everything he had, trying to get passed the Dreambeast’s massive Damage Reduction. It actually ate his thermal detonator…

The party suffered greatly in this encounter, but a combination of rapid firing blastersm, lightsabres and force powers finally brught the beast low before it wiped out the entire party.  After that, the encounter with the Noghri Death Commandos seemed like a breeze.

From there, the party found a tunnel into caverns beneath the Academy, where they prepared for the final encounter against Imperial Inquisitor Valin Draco, the agent that had been dogging them for several scenarios now, and in possession of the (now corrupted) Holocron.

A big Jedi battle ensued.  Those equipped with clumsy and random weapons such as blasters found that lightsabres were quick to bat bolts away, while Kat found her Jedi powers nullified time and again by the Inquisitor and his protege.

The fight ended with the protege dead and a final confrontation on a natural stone bridge across a very deep underground chasm – a fitting environment for such a fight. The Inquisitor conjured a huge dragon (there is no other word for it), over 200 metres long, that rained down lightning one the players as they fought him one more time. Andy was thrown clean off the bridge by the Inquisitor’s force powers, to be retrieved by Kat, while Nick was nearly blasted into free air by the dragon.

Sand bravely rushed forward to grab the Holocron, which had been the subject of a Move Object tussle between Kat and the Inquisitor, but a lightsabre sweep brought her down.  Finally, Kat managed to hurl the Inquisitor from the bridge herself, having beaten down his formidable Force defences.

With this, the dragon fled to the depths, starting a massive cave-in as the Academy’s foundations gave way.  Grabbing the fallen Sand, the players raced out of the Academy, rocks falling all around them. Blasting from the planet in their new ship, the players spied a familiar Star Destroyer (the Assiduous) and, curiously, an ancient Dungeon Ship…

The Holocron was ‘de-corrupted’ by Master Denia, and is now under study.  When she heard the players had batled the Inquisitor, the Master seemed oddly disheartened on hearing his name.

All will no doubt be revealed as, next week, we start Episode 5, and get to the halfway point of the campaign.

Back to Star Wars

Work has been unbeliveably busy this week, and gmaing-related activities have had to take something of a back seat.

We still got our weekly Star Wars game, the Dawn of Defiance campaign in though.  There had been a six month break in the campaign (game time), with everyone off doing their own thing. What that boiled down to was us spending the first part of the evening levelling up, and then watching the players decide (argue) how to spend their half million credits won from the Sabacc tournament last week.

In the end, Andy (playing Joshua, a human soldier) inevitably bought himself some ‘kick-ass armour’ while the rest ploughed their funds into a brand new transport (they were going to go second hand until Nick told them that a brand new one would give me less excuses to make their lives difficult – I ask you. . .).

Then it was straight into Episode IV, Echoes of the Jedi.  The players were briefed by Master Denia to find a holocron on a devastated world that used to behome to a Jedi Academy.  They managed to bluff their way past some orbiting pirates (by name-dropping an old adversary, Darga the Hutt) and then, on landing, found themselves in a comedy scene where two inept groups of alien scavengers are arguing over a droid.

The players managed to negotiate this one as well (while fending off attacks from Dark Side lizards), but not before the aliens managed to fleece them for 5,000 credits for a ‘holy holocron’ that turned out to be nothing of the sort.  We left the evening just as the players had entered the Jedi academy and had moved into the first sub-level.  I am expecting to finish this adventure next week, and it is going to turn out to be quite a hot one!

I have another ‘painting day’ scheduled this weekend with ‘the girls’, but I fear work may pull me over to the computer while they paint.  Which will be a shame.  However, I’ll bring my paints along and maybe I’ll get a chance to finish off a Terminator Librarian I have barely started for the Dark Angels.  And then, of course, are the ten Stormboyz who have been staring at me for a few weeks now. . .

Dogfights Over Bespin

Work has been very demanding this week, so I have only managed to slip in a few gaming-related activities beyond pre-scheduled stuff.

Earlier this week, my Stormboyz received their first base coat (black jackets and trousers) and… that was about it.  I built an Ironclad Dreadnought for my Dark Angels and got another (normal one) through the post – bringing the total up to three for the 3rd Company.  Two or three more, I think, and I will cal the 3rd Company finished.

Built a Venomthrope as well for the bugs, and finally have enough static grass to finish off the three remaining jungle terrain pieces I have, though the table as a whole can be called pretty well finished. And, today, I received two new models that will be just perfect for battles in a jungle – more on those at a later date.

However, the big gaming event this week was the regular Star Wars Dawn of Defiance campaign.  We hit the middle of the third episode at full speed, with Kat (human noble/rapidly turning Jedi) beginning the big Sabacc tournament where over half a million credits are up for grabs.  She didn’t expect to win, bu th purpose of the tournament was for them to find out details on an exchange between the Empire and a Hutt that was serving a mysterious operation known to the players only as the Sarlacc Project.

The others players were either spectating or working security in the casino, and the session started quietly enough.  They met a few of the gamblers, including an Imperial Officer, and started wondering just how to start gathering clues.

In the four day tournament, Kat was somewhat surprised to make it through the first rounds and start the next day as one of only 15 competitors (there were more than 50 to start with).  They endured a few decoys and ambushes outside of the tournament but, all too soon, the last day of the tournament came into view.  Kat had already managed to squeak through to the final day and the other players waited with bated breath to see how she did (true, there was a mission to follow, but we are talking about half a million credits here!).  The main clues to the mission were revealed in the last stages of the tournament, with the Imperial Officer handing some important information to a woman who was then revealed as the Hutt’s agent.

All well and good, but how did Kat do in the tournament?  Up to this point, all she needed was to pass Wisdom checks at escalating DCs to go through to the next rounds, but now she was rolling off directly against the other competitors.  She lacked the Gambler talent, but a judicious use of a Force Point saw her clinch the pot from the others and win the day!

What was more interesting was what happened next – one of the knocked out competitors tries steling the pot from under the casino’s nose. At this point, the players went near berserk (“that’s my money!”).  The scene ended with the main thief dead in the casino and his comrades being chased through the streets by a vengeful Andy (playing Joshua, a human soldier).  It took a few minutes for the players to remember they had a mission and now that the Hutt’s agent and Empire had exchanged details, they had very little time to decend to one of the lower docking bays to confront the Hutt and find out what exactly was going on.

The scene in the hangar bay did not go as written – the Hutt managed to get away (well, he slithered for his life when one of the players jumped in a Z-95 Headhunter and started blasting anything that moved), but the players got what they needed; the Empire had seen its hand forced by their actions on Cloud City and was steering a Tibanna gas hauler straight for a transport filled with slaves in order to remove any evidence (the Empire trading slaves for gas for Project Sarlacc).

Cue a massive dogfight over Bespin, with the players in Z-95 Headhunters (Sandrine – playing a Twilek Scoundrel – in the party’s transport, manning the turret after having her headhunter shot out from under her by cloud cars) going up against a squadron of TIE Fighters as an Imperial Star Destroyer flew ever closer to the action, trying to destroy the gas hauler before it ploughed into the slave ship and made a right mess.

Nick (playing Teebo, a Duros Scoundrel) came into his own at this point.  The character had always seemed a little cowardly up to now because, it has to be said, he is not much cop in combat.  However, all that changed in the the Headhunter, where Nick’s investment in the Pilot skill and vehicle-related feats paid off big time – Teebo became Born Again Hard, threading his way through the TIE Fighter formation to bring his guns to bear on the gas hauler.

The hauler blew up, the slave ship (now in the hands of the slaves) escaped and, just before the Star Destroyer got into range, there was time for the Big Bad (an Imperial Inquisitor) to threaten the players before they too jumped to light speed.

We are starting episode four next week, which is the start of the second ‘part’ of the campaign, but there is a six month ‘gap’ between the parts, much like there is between the actual films.  It will be interesting to see what they plan to do during that time.  I know Kat wants to go crystal-seeking for her lightsabre, and the party needs a ship as their lift up to now will be off doing other things.  Stay tuned, as they say.

So, I’ll be reading up on the fourth episode this weekend, but the big event will be our monthly D&D campaign (The Rising Tide).  We are still on the preliminary adventures, getting the players used to their characters, but I expect they will finish the second level of The Sunless Citadel fairly quickly, and make a good start on Forge Fury.  After that we will be getting into the campaign proper with an altered Red Hand of Doom that will start setting the tone of the campaign, and move the party to the geographical location needed later on.

Star Wars Catch Up

The ongoing Dawn of Defiance campaign continues apace.

Over the past two weeks, the players finished the second episode, A Wretched Hive, where they infiltrated a Hutt’s court in the hope of finding out more information about a secret Imperial project (Project Sarlacc).  This went moderately well, with the Hutt fleeing to Bespin after the players released one of his prisoners – a Jedi Master from the Clone Wars days.

Kat, playing Elethial, a human noble with the Force Sensitivity, went dippy upon discovering Master Denia, as she could now properly train as a Jedi (I had banned anyone from taking levels in that class unless they could find a teacher – Kat had been convinced she never would…).

Starting Episiode Three, Queen of Air and Darkness, the players mooched over to Bespin, only to find that there is a huge Sabacc tournament taking place (over 500,000 credits up for grabs!).  They also know that there are some Imperials within the tournament (or nearby) that may be involved in the Sarlacc Project.

They beat up some Ugnaughts, but just did not seem to be engaging in the game this week – missing leads, being reluctant to take part in the tournament (how cool is taking part going to be?), and so on.  The scenario is actually quite a cool one with a good mixture of intrigue and fast-paced action, so rather than labour on I called an early end to the game.

We’ll pick it up again this coming week, where Kat (Elethial) will be taking part in the tournament, Nick (a Duros named Teebo) is her ‘plus one’ guest in the crowd, and the other two have managed to get hired by the casino’s security.

This adventure has an explosive end, so it will be interesting to see what happens next!