The Gouged Eye

I was going to give the new Blood Bowl a miss when it first appeared, but I made two mistakes. First, I have been playing it a fair bit on the XBox, which caused me to remember how much I enjoyed the game in days gone by. Second, I realised that I could get hold of it at a price that put it squarely in the impulse purchase bracket.

So, I got myself Blood Bowl and, this weekend, painted up the Orc team.


I went for the ‘official’ Gouged Eye colour scheme because, well, why not (and the Humans are likely to be done as the Reikland Reavers, though I am leaning towards doing Skaven the same colours I did when I was a teenager), and I think they have come up quite nicely.


These are really nice sculpts, a far, far cry from the models we had in previous editions. They were more like playing pieces, while these are genuinely nice models.


The Black Orcs are especially menacing.


For the paint scheme, I simply followed all the directions given in the Blood Bowl rulebook. Nice, simple, and effective.


Have to say, if I were playing this game ‘seriously’, I would already have picked up another core set to pad out the teams. My standard Orc line up has the two Blitzers, only uses one Thrower, but puts four Black Orcs up front. The Linemen bulk the team up to 11 players (who needs reserves, eh?) and then I try to squeeze a re-roll in. Rely on the general Orciness of the team to give durability and wait until you get a few skills on the Blitzers (the Black Orcs struggle to get them quickly, but Block and Mighty Blow are always the first choices, and that starts making them a real problem for opposing teams).

Still, at the moment, just looking to paint the models up. I’ll worry about composition if I ever join a proper league.


I also picked up the Forge World Referees (I have also grabbed Zug and pre-ordered Varag, and so I am beginning to get the nasty feeling this game is going to become like Age of Sigmar for me – not an issue in itself but Adeptus Titanicus and Battlefleeet Gothic are both on their way, and something will have to give…).

These are delightful little models, full of character, but they are getting near my Talent Limit. From a distance they look okay, just don’t focus on their shirts all that much.

I have a fair bit of gaming coming this weekend, so I am not likely to get the Reikland Reavers done, but I’ll get them started and begin thinking about putting the Dwarf Giants together!

A Clutch of Daemons

I am starting to find my stride again on the painting side – not sure how long that will last, but best foot forward.

This weekend, I managed to get a whole horde of daemons done!


The stars of this show are, obviously, the Plague Toads of Nurgle and their Pox Riders.


These models are dead simple to do, as is a lot of Nurgle stuff. I wanted a colour that would not bury the Plaguebearers riding on top, but also wanted to avoid the green skin I have leaned on for other Nurgle models in the past, so I ended up trawling through the Citadel Painting Guide that was given away with White Dwarf a year or so ago, and settled on a rotting brown (it uses an Xv88 base).

With the skin done, it was just a case of horns, boil, eye and tongue (sounds like a witch’s brew). The Plaguebearers themselves were the same Corax/Ulthuan base washed with Athonian Camoshade that I have used on the foot daemons before.


Plague Toads can also be fielded without riders, so I picked up a little group of three to supplement the ‘cavalry’.


Finally, this is what two boxes of Blue Horrors looks like when they are all painted – 40 little daemons in all!

I went through these because a) I wanted to get cracking with Tzeentch forces and b) I knew they would be really easy to do – very much a case of low hanging fruit!

Along with these daemons, I all but completed an Orc team for Blood Bowl. They just need a little basing work and transfers, but I’ll get pictures of those up when they are done.

I want to make a start on the Kairic Acolytes this weekend, but at the moment on the painting table I have (optimistically) placed a few Rat Ogors. The hope is that I will get them at last partially done this week, but we’ll have to see how it goes. The same applies tot he Human Blood Bowl team I have also recently put together…

Battle Report – Subterranean Attack

Well, the last battle saw strike one to Sigmar, capturing the Genesis Gate in the Realm of Life. However, there are many more of the All-Gates to go, and now we travel to the Realm of Metal to observe the battle for the Mercurial Gate.


The Story So Far

The Mercurial Gate, like all of the All-Gates, was buried inside a mighty fortress, the Ironholds. It was said to be built by Grungni, Mastergod of Smiths, and its defences relied not only on walls but also a sea of molten metal and enourmous gears that could move walls and towers to trap any attacker.

Unfortunately for Sigmar, while Grungni would certainly know how to breach the Ironholds, the Mastergod was missing. However, the Stormcasts had managed to contact the Fyreslayers and Sigmar bade the celestial vaults to be almost emptied of gold in exchange for their services. It was Runefather Hursgar-Grimnir who stepped forward with a plan to get into the Ironholds.

The Ironholds could simply not be breached – but their defences could be bypassed. While massive forces of Stormcast Eternals and Fyreslayers would assault the walls to create a distraction, an underground strike force would be engaged in a tunnelling operation to launch an attack from within, using a combined team of Runesmiters and Runemasters to aid in digging beneath the Molten Sea.

The strike force emerged on one of the Bastion Islands within the Molten Sea, within the courtyard of a fortress that had been drained of it troops by the direct assaults. The only defenders remaining were the mindless Ironguard, led by Sorcerer Lord Trispherix. Fyreslayers and Stormcast Eternals fanned out of the new tunnel, aiming to take the gates and towers of the fortress quickly and so gain a foothold within the Ironholds.


The Forces

These are relatively small forces, as most of the fighting is ging on outside the Ironholds – however, this is the important battle.

Stormcast Eternals
Retributors x 10 (two units of 5)
Liberators x 10 (two units of 5)
Judicators x 10 (two units of 5)

Runefather on Magmadroth
Vulkite Berzerkers x 10

For once, the forces of Order have numbers on their side, and the combination of Retributors and a Magmadroth should ensure at least two towers fall under their attacks. However, they will have to fight a lot harder than that to gain a victory as just two towers will not be enough, and there is a lot of ground between them, so they will have trouble redeploying units to make fresh assaults – in short, the tower each unit opts to assault right at the start of the battle must fall, as reinforcements are unlikely. The Stormcasts are using the Hammer and Anvil Battalion, which allows Judicators to shoot in the hero phase, so long as they are close to Liberators.

Tzeentch Arcanites
Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch
Chaos Warriors x 36 (three units of 12)
Chaos Knights x 5

The Tzeentch army has the reverse problem, as any unit designated to hold a tower is unlikely to gain aid. Fortunately, Chaos Warriors are excellent defensive troops, and the Knights and summoned Pink Horrors (ten of them) might be able to disrupt the forces of Order long enough to gain victory. The Ironguard Battalion is being used by the defenders, which grants additional movement in the hero phase.


The Battleplan

The Tzeentch forces start in the four corners of the table, within Skull Keeps and an Overlord Bastion, while the Stormcasts and Fyreslayers begin in the middle of the table, just outside their tunnel. Victory goes to the army that holds the most towers at the end of the fifth round.

As always, however, there are some complications…

The Stormcasts and Fyreslayers are all equipped with demolition charges which can be thrown at any Tzeentch units garrisoning a tower. In return, the Tzeentch army can take advantage of the Mercurial Gate Time of War sheet. This has several effects.

  • The towers and walls attached to them can rotate from time to time, crushing any models unfortunate enough to be in their way.
  • The Sorcerer Lord can attempt to awaken Argentine, the Silver Wyrm of Anvrok, who is currently sleeping within the Molten Sea. If he awakes, he will drench the battlefield with molten metal, inflicting mortal wounds, well, all over the place. Dracothion will then move in to battle Argentine – if Dracothion can defeat the Silver Wyrm, he will launch a meteoric strike upon the battlefield before disappearing.
  • The Sorcerer Lord also has access to the Whispered Words spell, which can hamstrng a unit by inspiring great doubt among its members.



As the combined Stormcast and Fyreslayer force tunnelled up into the courtyard, they saw only empty ground. Success! However, in the Skull Keeps and Overlord Bastion, the Sorcerer Lord watched the intruders emerge and started issuing orders to his Ironguard.


Battle Round One

The forces of Order duly assembled themselves, with the Runefather boasting he and his Vulkite Berzerkers could take a Skull Keep by themselves. The Stormcasts moved into two solid formations, each consisting of Retributors, Judicators and Liberators.


Then, a timely reminder that they were in a dangerous place – one of the Skull Keeps rotated ninety degrees, its mechanism obviously capable of crushing anything unfortunate enough to be too close. This would make assaulting the fortifications a lot more difficult.


The Runefather made good on his promise as his Magmadroth easily outpaced the Vulkite Berzerkers below, and he charged recklessly into a Skull Keep.


His Latchkey Axe snaked out to behead a Chaos Warrior, but the rest proved extremely difficult to root out of the Skull Keep, and their return attacks caused the Magmadroth to start bleeding volcanic blood from a score of wounds.

The Sorcerer Lord felt safe for the time being as he watched the forces of Order split up and attack every tower except his own. Wanting to keep them at bay, he called upon the Changer of Ways for aid, and was rewarded by the appearance of a clutch of giggling Pink Horrors.


Then, with a grinding of massive gears, the Overlord Bastion turned in place, its great walls moving at some speed. It was all too clear that it could easily crush an entire retinue of Stormcasts should it begin moving at the wrong time.


The fight for the Skull Keep continued, with the Runefather being pushed onto the defensive by the stoic Chaos Warriors. His great axe smashed through the armour of two of them, but his Magmadroth was now panting with effort as a multitude of blows rained down upon it.


Battle Round Two

With a thunder of hooves on the metallic ground, a unit of Chaos Knights arrived, and they immediately assembled themselves to cut off one of the Stormcasts’ pushes to the Skull Keeps.


The newly arrived Pink Horrors hurled a weak Arcane Bolt at the Retributors closest to the Overlord Bastion, then cackled as their waves of pink fire simply flowed over the Stormcasts’ armour.

Across the battlefield, the Runefather desperately parried blows as he tried to turn his Magmadroth away from the Skull Keep he had assaulted, but the Chaos Warriors had locked him in. Axes and swords continued to chip away at the Magmadroth until its strength gave out entirely and it sank, immobile, to the ground. Deprived of his mount, the Runefather was an easy target for the Chaos Warriors, and his Vulkite Berzekers howled as they saw their leader knocked senseless by the enemy.

With speed that took the Stormcasts by surprise, the Chaos Knights charged, lowering their glaives as they galloped into a retinue of Retributors.


With momentum on their side, their weapons skewered two Retributors in an instant, but then the Stormcasts hefted their massive hammers and struck back in a flash of bright lightning. Two Chaos Knights were blasted into their broken mounts but, more importantly, the Retributors had completely stalled their charge.


Taking advantage of this, the Lord-Celestant quickly crossed the courtyard, celestial hammers whipping out of his cloak as he gave a steady stream of orders to the Stormcasts closest to him. The glowing hammers flew into the Chaos Knights with a vengeance, smashing one apart before they could react.

As the Retributors worked in unison to drive the Chaos Knights back, the Lord-Celestant charged and, between them, finished the cavalry off with terrible efficiency.

The other retinue of Retributors had reached the Overlord Bastion, but were proving hesitant to get too close to the grinding mechanism that looked as though it could turn the entire tower without warning. As a result, most of the Chaos Warriors inside managed to avoid their deadly blows.


Just a short distance away, a retinue of Liberators took the bait the Sorcerer Lord had offered and charged the Pink Horrors who attempted, unsuccessfully, to back away. The daemons put up little fight, and four fell quickly to the blades of the Stormcasts as Judicators supported them with Boltstorm fire.


Battle Round Three

Feeling ever more confident, the Sorcerer Lord enacted his most powerful ritual yet, awakening the Godbeast Argentine from beneath the Molten Sea. With a great cry that shook the mountains surrounding the Ironholds, the great serpent rose into the sky, molten silver dropping onto the courtyard from its massive body. Three Pink Horrors, a Judicator and a Chaos Warrior were inadvertently drenched and immolated, before Argentine circled in the sky and delivered a massive blast of Warpflame around one of the Skull Keeps.

Three Chaos Warriors, a Retributor, two Liberators and two Judicators were consumed in the inferno, drastically altering the balance of the fight for the Skull Keep. Indeed, there were now few warriors left on either side to contest the tower.


As Argentine swept low over the courtyard and began turning for another pass, the Sorcerer Lord wondered just what he had unleashed, and whether he would be able to control it when the battle had finished. Still, it looked like the Liberators were just about finished with his Pink Horrors, so he hurled an Arcane Bolt at them, which was soon joined by another from the Pink Horrors themselves.

The Chaos Warriors in the Skull Keep that had been struck by Argentine’s Warpflame had been hammered by a Godbeastm, peppered with Skybolt Arrows from Judicators and assaulted by a retinue of Liberators, but they refused to give any ground.

It was not until the Lord-Celestant and the Retributor-Prime both charged the Skull Keep that the last Chaos Warrior finally lost his nerve and ran from the battlefield.


Meanwhile, the Vulkite Berzerkers had finally reached their own Skull Keep, and they leapt over the fallen Magmadroth as they hurled themselves at the Chaos Warriors within. Three Chaos Warriors fell quickly to their axes, the Berzerkers own fury keeping them ignorant of any wounds they received in return.


Battle Round Four

With a grinding of gears, the Stormcasts’ worst fears were realised as the Overlord Bastion turned in place, crushing the entire retinue of Retributors who had been assaulting it.

The news was not all bleak though for, overhead, another great roar echoed around the Ironholds as Dracothion soared into view. Diving down, the massive dragon smashed into Argentine and the two Godbeasts spun and turned as they tried to snap at one another.

Under this titanic battle, the last Retributor-Prime took a now empty Skull Keep as the Lord-Celestant led a retinue of Judicators to lend aid to the Fyreslayers who were still stalled outside their own tower.


On the far side of the battlefield, the retinues of Judicators and Liberators, who had been fighting in close order to support each other up to now, were forced to split their efforts, one heading to the Sorcerer Lord’s Skull Keep, the other to the Overlord Bastion.


Both were now weakly defended, for a single Chaos Warrior held the bastion while the Liberators fancied they could finish off the Sorcerer Lord by themselves.


However, the Sorcerer Lord proved a canny foe, and though he took several nasty cuts from the Stormcasts’ blades, he managed to retreat far into the depths of the Skull Keep before they could corner him.

In response, the Sorcerer Lord summoned more Pink Horrors to join the fight, hoping to distract the Liberators as he made his escape.


However, as the Pink Horrors loosed waves of magical fire, the Liberators turned as one to form a shield wall. Pink fire lapped round the Sigmarite shields but the Stormcasts remained unhurt, until the Sorcerer Lord levelled his malignant staff at one and blasted him with a bolt of arcane energy.


Battle Round Five

As the Liberators turned back to face the Sorcerer Lord, they saw him fiddle with a strange machine built into the Skull Keep and, as he pulled a great lever, the Skull Keep began to turn in place. Unable to get out of the way in time, the Liberators were crushed as the Sorcerer Lord laughed.

At the Overlord Bastion, the Judicators had reached the outer walls, but the lone Chaos Warrior inside was proving elusive, ducking back behind the walls as they levelled their Boltstorm Crossbows, then lashing out with his sword before they could recover.


Overhead, a terrible screech rattled the walls of the Ironholds as Argentine was forced to retreat from battle with Dracothion. Victorious, Dracothion soared high into the sky before diving down to the courtyard, unleashing a torrent of dragon fire on one of the Skull Keeps. Both Chaos Warriors and Vulkite Berzerkers were immolated in the flames, but it seemed as though the Fyreslayers were beginning to get the better of their enemies.


Though badly depleted in number, the Vulkite Berzerkers finally managed to slay the last of the Chaos Warriors, leaving the Skull Keep empty.

The forces of Order had gained their beach head in the Ironholds but it had come at a terrible cost and could in no way be called a victory.



Despite wiping out the last Chaos Warriors in the Skull Keep right at the end of the battle, the forces of Order only took a single tower throughout the actual battle, meaning this was a minor victory for Chaos!

This was hardly the lightning strike the Stormcasts had planned, and it remains to be seen what effect this will have on the attack on the Mercurial Gate.

It has to be said, those spinning towers are nasty. Perfectly fine for the defenders but if you are attacking a Dreadhold, you need to do it quickly as it will turn and it will crush your unit – and if it is an elite unit, such as Retributors, that is going to be painful!

And what about Argentine, eh? When the great serpent awoke, it not only dripped molten silver onto the battlefield, it then turned round and absolutely hammered everyone around one of the Skull Keeps! I would say thank Sigmar for Dracothion, but even that ‘friendly’ dragon ended up killing two Fyreslayers.

Overall, this was a short battle involving not too many forces, but it was no less packed with action for that!


The Story Continues…

The forces of Order have gained a foothold, of sorts, within the Ironholds. Now they must strike at the Mercurial Gate itself to claim this fortress and add it to the All-Gates Sigmar is acquiring.

A Giant, Bouncing Squig!

Starting to (slowly) get back into the swing of painting, and last night I polished off a brand new model for the Destruction Alliance – a Colossal Squig!


Despite being a (fairly large) Forge World model, the Squig ended up being simplicity itself to paint.

Starting with a base coat of Jokaero Orange (on a Corax White undercoat), the whole model gets washed with Fugan Orange, and then drybrushed with successive layers of Troll Slayer Orange, Fire Dragon Bright and then Kindleflame (that last is what really sets the model off, don’t skip it!).

And that is 95% of the model completed!


After that, it was just a case of mouth, teeth, claws and eyes. Towards the end, I felt the model was lacking a certain something, so did a few light-coloured warts dotted about the place, and highlighted the ears and spikes with Yriel Yellow – that did just the trick!

Currently got more Forge World models on the painting table at the moment, in the form of Plague Toads of Nurgle, along with the Orc Blood Bowl team, but I am hoping to make a decent start on the new Tzeentch models this weekend!

Battle Report – The Key to Victory

The Genesis Gate is within reach of the forces of Order – but now the Glottkin have entered the fray and they dare not disappoint Grandfather Nurgle.


The Story So Far

Led by Alarielle, the Sylvaneth and Stormcasts were now in sight of the Dripping Fortress and the Genesis Gate.

Some of the Sylvaneth attempted to lead the army away from the greater threats the forces of Nurgle placed before them, but Alarielle’s patience was spent. The goddess marched towards the Genesis Gate by the most direct route, her Wardroth beetle lowering its head to charge every guard tower in its path, hitting them like a living battering ram. Glittering pollen fell in clouds from Alarielle, healing the foetid and foul ground as the army marched. New Sylvaneth rose from the ground to join Alarielle as she neared the Genesis Gate.

Then, the Glottkin appeared, bringing their last reinforcements with them. However, the brothers were dismayed to learn that the Skaven of the Clans Pestilens had finally appeared – not at their side, but in an assault against the Flyblown Castle, a fortress within the Ring of Corruption that was already beleagured by Stormcast Eternals. The Skaven had betrayed their allies for they coveted the Plague Master of the Gadcoven, the seventy-seventh of the Maggot-Mages, and the most powerful, for Verminlord Sepskrik knew the sorcerer possessed knowledge of the most vile of plagues.

With no other choice, the Glottkin thundered onto the battlefield, placing themselves directly in Alarielle’s path. If they could defeat the goddess, the forces of Order would inevitably crumble and the Genesis Gate would remain in their hands.


The Forces

This is the climax of the battle for the Genesis Gate, but neither force can call upon its full strength (only five minimum size units are allowed on each side!). Both armies have managed to summon small, elite forces that will fight as their mighty leaders duel for ultimate victory.

The Glottkin
Blightkings x 10 (two units of 5)
Chaos Warriors x 10
Chaos Knights x 5

As ever, the forces of Nurgle are solid and will be difficult to slay, characteristics embodied by the Blightkings. Leading them are some of Nurgle’s greatest champions, the Glottkin.

Stormcasts and Sylvaneth
Alarielle the Everqueen
Knight-Venator (Tornus the Redeemed)
Kurnoth Hunters x 6 (two units of 3)
Protectors x 5

The forces of Order have a smaller force but are no less powerful for all that. The Knight-Venator will cause trouble for any follower of Nurgle, while the Kurnoth Hunters will rain death from a distance with their massive bows. Then, of course, their is Alarielle, who has quite literally brought the power of a goddess to the battlefield.


The Battleplan

To gain a major victory, all Alarielle has to do is march across the battlefield to reach the Genesis Gate. On top of that, the forces of Nurgle will be slow to react, as Alarielle’s push has come very quickly and not all of them are as alert as they should be. This may allow the forces of Order to cross a large part of the battlefield before the alert is sounded (either by one of their units running into a Sylvaneth or Stormcast, by the forces of Order casting a spell, attacking or using a command ability, or automatically at the start of the third round).

However, the forces of Nurgle are able to recycle destroyed units, representing reinforcements from the Dripping Fortress arriving once they realise just where Alarielle is and what she is doing.



As Chaos Warriors took their ease, garrisoning the Overlord Bastion, Blightkings and Chaos Knights roamed the territory in front of the Genesis Gate. The Glottkin were close by, pondering the reports they had received of the Sylvaneth making a push directly towards the Realmgate. So far, though, they had seen nothing.

Unbeknownst to the three brothers, Alarielle was already on the battlefield, advancing quickly at the head of a small force of Sylvaneth and Stormcasts.


Battle Round One

Trying to buy time before being sighted by the Rotbringers, Alarielle withheld her spells and instead quietly urged her force onwards. Flanked by Kurnoth Hunters and Stormcast Protectors, she led them down the left flank of the battlefield as more Kurnoth Hunters crept silently into a Skull Keep. Ascending to its battlements, they could aim their bows at almost any visible target.


However, despite several very easy targets being within range, Alarielle waved the Staff of Kurnos in their direction, biding them to wait until she gave the order to attack.

Below, the Chaos Warriors stayed put in the bastion, while the Blightkings wandered with little guidance form the Glottkin. One unit sauntered over to the Chaos Knights to exchange a few jokes about the diseases they intended to infect Alarielle with.


Battle Round Two

These jokes soon turned into a serious debate about the respective virulence of the diseases favoured by Blightking and Chaos Knight, and both were concentrated more on the heated argument than any oncoming enemy. However, the Chaos Warriors had thought they had seen something move in the (disgustingly) lush vegetation that had started to overwhelm the Dripping Fortress, and their leader ordered them out of the bastion to investigate.


Realising her ploy had been discovered, Alarielle shrieked, ordering the Sylvaneth and Stormcasts to attack.

Reaching into the Soul Amphorae tied to her Wardoth Beetle, Alarielle scattered enchanted pollens high into the air. Drifting to the Skull Keep, the tiny grains suddenly coalesced, revealing the mighty form of a Treelord.


Alarielle was far from finished, and she wove complex arcane symbols into the air, unleashing the full power of Ghyran. As a shimmering Mystic Shield enshrouded the goddess, branches and leaves started sprouting from between the joints of the Chaos Warriors’ armour, as Alarielle’s Metamorphosis transformed two of them into shrubbery.

As the cmbined arrows of the Kurnoth Hunters and Tornus the Redeemed brought down a Chaos Knight, Alarielle charged, surging ahead of her Protector bodyguard.


Five Chaos Warriors fell to the mighty antlers of her Wardroth but, despite the terrors of the goddess being visited upon them, they held their ground and prepared to fight back.


Battle Round Three

Tempering their alarm, the Glottkin bellowed orders, trying to get their own force organised before Alarielle reached the Genesis Gate. Seeing the goddess strike at the Chaos Warriors, Ethrac tried to improve their minions’ chances with Fleshy Abundance, but Alarielle contemptuously unbound the enchantment. Employing more devious means, Ethrac instead managed to slip a Mystic Shield past her notice, giving the Chaos Warriors at least a little protection.


One unit of Blightkings were far out of position after having wandered away from the Genesis Gate, and they started waddling and sweating as they tried to make up the distance quickly. Their brothers, breaking from their argument with the Chaos Knights, turned to face the newly arrived Treelord as the Glottkin thundered towards Alarielle herself.


More Chaos Warriors fell to Alarielle and her Wardoth, but the last survivors still held their ground, forcing Alarielle to tarry  – but she knew all too well that the longer she fought Chaos Warriors here, the more chance there was that reinforcements would flood to the Dripping Fortress and wear her forces down before she could reach the Genesis Gate.


The few scratches the Chaos Warriors had inflicted upon her Wardoth quickly healed. Seeking a way to break the deadlock that was holding her back, Alarielle once more cast Metamorphosis upon the Chaos Warriors and this time, it worked perfectly. The Chaos Warriors screamed in pain and terror as the magic of Life coursed through their bodies, driving disease and infection out as limbs were twisted into branches that arced out across the ground. Within seconds, the Chaos Warriors were gone and a Sylvaneth Wyldwood stood in their place.


As the Glottkin started to clear the corner of the Overlord Bastion, Alarielle hurled an Arcane Bolt straight into the face of Ghurek as a warning, then leapt high into the air as her Wardroth burst into a cloud of lesser spites that followed her.

With one bound, Alarielle cleared the Overlord Bastion to land on the other side, the spites reforming into the Wardroth beneath her feet. With one move, the forces of the Glottkin had been completely wrong-footed.


Hoping to capitalise on the confusion Alarielle had wrought, Tornus the Redeemed drew the Star-fated Arrow from his quiver, and loosed it straight at the Glottkin.


Ghurek looked stupidly down at the burning arrow that had lodged itself in his blubber, then swatted it away. Cursing his luck once again, Tornus was at least mollified as his Star-eagle gouged the eyes out of a Chaos Knight and his mount.

With no fear of the monstrosity that was lumbering towards them, the Protectors hurled themselves at the Glottkin, closing the distance rapidly.


They thrust forward with their storm-wreathed glaives, and all three of the Glottkin reeled backwards as the weapons bit deep into foul flesh. Otto was the first to recover, and his long scythe swept down into the Protectors, quickly followed by Ghurek’s lamprey maw. Three Paladins fell to the Glottkin, but the last two were determined to press their attack.


Battle Round Four

Distraught that the Stormcasts had hurt his brother so much, Ethrac threw a Mystic Shield over himself and his brothers, then cast about to see where Alarielle had landed. Seeing a unit of Blightkings waddling towards her, Ethrac tried to gift them with a Fleshy Abundance, but once again Alarielle unbound his spell before he had even finished the incantation.

The first reinforcements from outside the Dripping Fortress had now arrived, Chaos Warriors who immediately fanned out to block any path to the Genesis Gate. However, the Realmgate was beginning to react to the presence of its goddess, and crackling Life energies began to pour out of it, wreathing the Chaos Warriors and distracting them from the rest of the battle.

Having been caught out by the sudden appearance of the Stormcasts and Sylvaneth, the Blightkings were delighted at seeing Alarielle touch down right in front of them, and they rushed forward to cut her off.


The combined weight of the Blightkings rocked even the mighty Wardroth, and several of its armoured plates were smashed by repeated strikes from their weapons.

Further away, Chaos Knights rode down the Tornus the Redeemed, almost crushing him beneath their hooves. Battered and bloody, the Knight-Venator finally managed to spread his wings and fly out of their reach,.


The last Stormcast Protectors made a good stand against the Glottkin, with the Protector-Prime thrusting his glaive deep into Ghurek, causing the big brother to moan in pain as the weapon wreathed him in crackling lightning. However, their assault was short lived, as the Glottkin brothers combined their attacks to send the last Stormcast back to Azyr on a bolt of blue light.

Now the Glottkin were finally free to chase down Alarielle, and Ghurek lumbered around at the behest of his brothers.

As the damage the Blightkings had inflicted began to knit and heal, Alarielle threw more pollen from her Soul Amphorae into the air and, this time, Dryads sprang from the ground wherever the grains fell.


Casting a look over her shoulder, Alarielle saw the Glottkin lumber round the other side of the bastion, and snorted with annoyance as the Chaos Lords continued to follow her. She watched as Ethrac gathered magical energies about himself, ready to unbind any spell she sent his way, but the goddess hurled a powerful bolt of energy at the Glottkin – not to hurt them, but to cause Ethrac to frantically unbind it.

As the Chaos Wizard was busy countering her feint, Alarielle once more unleashed her Metamorphosis.

For a moment, nothing happened, and the Glottkin brothers looked at one another. Then Otto clutched his stomach, as Ethrac clamped his hands to his ears, trying to halt the vines that suddenly sprouted out of them. Within seconds, leaves, bark and flowers broke out of every orifice of the Glottkin consuming them in a wave of Life. When the transformation abated, a new Wyldwood stood where the Glottkin had been.


Seeing the Genesis Gate almost close enough to touch, Alarielle knew she could not let the Blightkings delay her. Despite going against every one of her instincts to let a creature of Chaos live, Alarielle once again soared high into the air as her Wardroth broke into a million spites, only to reform beneath her as the goddess reached the ground.


Now only the confused Chaos Warriors stood in her path.

Though they were outmatched, the Dryads saw the energies of the Genesis Gate had paralysed the Chaos Warriors to inaction, and they rushed forward, branch-like arms outstretched and ready to rend claw and impale their age-old enemies.


A single Chaos Warrior was hacked apart by the vengeful Forest Folk, but the Dryads had succeeded in tying them up and holding the path open for Alarielle.


Battle Round Five

From her vantage point high up on the Wardroth, Alarielle could see massive reinforcements flooding into the Dripping Fortress, but she smiled as she saw they would not be able to arrive in time.

The Wardroth Beetle surged forward, carrying Alarielle to the Genesis Gate. Reaching out with the Spear of Kurnos, she touched it just once…

A pulse went through the air, and immediately the brown sludge that had poured out of the Dripping Fortress for more than four hundred years flowed clean, carrying an influx of vitality throughout the nearby lands and sweeping the followers of Chaos before it. With more effort, she closed the Genesis Gate, locking the path that led to the Allpoints.

Now, at long last, the tide had changed in the War of Life.



This was a good battle – short, tight, full of action… and with big things happening in the story!

As mentioned at the start of the All-Gates campaign, Sigmar needs to take one All-Gate in each Mortal Realm to surround the Allpoints (Varanspire) and give Archaon a good smacking. And, with Alarielle’s help, he already has his first in the Realm of Life!

For her part, Alarielle has most certainly arrived on the scene, and the forces of Chaos will be cowering wherever she strides. The closing of the Genesis Gate is a major blow for Nurgle, and his forces will now be on the backfoot in Ghyran, giving the Sylvaneth some much needed breathing space.

And what of the Glottkin? Are they now destined to spend their time watching squirrels run up and down their boughs while sparrows make nests in their branches?

I doubt it.

Grandfather Nurgle is more forgiving than most Chaos Gods and while the Glottkin have badly let him down in the pursuit of Alarielle, I don’t think he will stay mad at his favoured sons for long. In any case, he might well need them now the forces of Order are ascendant in the Realm of Life…


The Story Continues…

Well, the first of the All-Gates that Sigmar wanted is now in his hands – score one for the forces of Order! We will next be taking a look at how the war is going in the Realm of Metal as the battle for the Mercurial Gate gains momentum.

Legions of the Everchosen

My painting has sloooooowed right down of late, it cannot be denied. There are, however, some legitimate reasons for this – I did have a massive painting spree during the Christmas period, studies have jumped up a level in complexity of late, work is busy, and there is less pressure on me to get things ready for campaign play (all models done for the next 20-odd battles!).

However, I have managed to get another set of models down that have been on the painting list for, well, forever – enough models to round out the Legion of the Everchosen, or unaligned Slaves to Darkness by another name.


This brings me up to 11 Chaos Knights, 36 Chaos Warriors, plus a few extra characters and gribblies. Which makes for a nice rounded force to add to other Chaos armies when Archaon takes to the field (or sends his minions to do his bidding.


All these models use the Varanguard paint scheme, as laid out in the Everchosen Painting Guide, linking them all to Archaon’s mob, as well as being a good ‘neutral’ scheme for unaligned warbands.


However, you will note the Everchosen’s symbol on the standard of the Chaos Knights – taken from the transfer sheet that comes with Battletome: Everchosen. A nice little detail that further puts these guys with Archaon.


Now we get to the good stuff. One of the Battleplans in the Flesh-Eater Courts book features unaligned Chaos Warriors going to war with a Ghoul King while carrying a Warshrine – so, one had to be added!


I have a plan to do a Warshrine for each of the Chaos Powers (Nurgle already done), and I wanted to make little changes to each to make them look more like the God they follow, mainly by altering the head on the daemon holding up the icon, the icon itself, and the priest at the front. However, being unaligned, this Warshrine could stay ‘vanilla’.



The Soul Grinder is not needed for any planned campaign battles but, well, how could I not, eh? This was an eBay purchase from quite some time ago but, as I wanted it unaligned, it was waiting until I did the rest of these models, so everything could be done in one hit.


And finally, a Lord on Daemonic Mount. Because you can never have too many Chaos Lords.


So, what is on the painting table right now? Well, as mentioned earlier, there is no real pressure at the moment to get things done for the campaign, but I would like to ‘keep pace’ with all the new stuff getting released for Age of Sigmar so it does not build up (like the Beastclaw Raiders and Boinesplitterz did). This means all the new Tzeentch stuff, the Stormcasts coming next week (not worried about those, Stormcasts are dead quick to paint) and I have a feeling new Duardin will be popping their heads up in the next month or two…

I have started putting the Tzeentch Arcanites together (starting with the Acolytes) and I ant to get the Blue Horrors and Lord of Change done sooner rather than later. However, while they are getting put together, I am starting work on a whole bunch of Plague Toads for Nurgle (they have been lying around in their bags for 18 months now!), plus a little (?) something special for my Destruction forces…

Battle Report – Frontal Assault

The first battle in the All-Gates campaign was but a brief skirmish – now the heat gets turned up with a massive attack on a fortress of Nurgle involving Treelords, monsters, plague daemons… and a goddess.


The Story So Far

For four hundred years, the fortresses around the Genesis Gate had been ruled by Nurgle’s most worthy heroes – Daemon Princes, favoured Great Unclean Ones, and the most vaunted of mortal champions. Each had added to the defences, creating what became known as the Ring of Corruption, seven vast strongholds standing over seven vast gates. Inside their walls lay the Dripping Fortress, the central keep floating over the Genesis Gate, ruled by the Glottkin.

The Glottkin had been troubled by premonitions and dreams sent by the Plague God, and they knew trouble was coming. They visited each of the fortresses around the Ring of Corruption, ensuring defences were solid and guardians mustered. However, rivalries were evident among all of the commanders.

The Glottkin blamed the Skaven of Clans Pestilens for their fall from Nurgle’s favour, believing them to be responsible for the escape of Alarielle long ago, and they were right to be suspicious, for Verminlord Sepskirk the Foul had been whispering promises of power into the ears of Plague Pontifex Skroglitch Twistspine that would set the Clans Pestilens against the rest of Nurgle’s followers.

The combined Sylvaneth and Stormcast assault on the walls surrounding the Genesis Gate was soon in coming. All seven fortresses of the Ring of Corruption were attacked simultaneously, Alarielle using her magic to disperse the poisonous air that wreathed their towers.

The greatest battle was at the Hornspire, the largest of the outer fortresses and, as the Sylvaneth and Stormcasts approached, the Glottkin unleashed their reinforcements – however, of the promised Skaven of the Clans Pestilens, there was no sign…


The Forces

This is a big battle over a fortress wall (always good for excitement), plus it is the first appearance of Alarielle in the All-Gates campaign!

Lord of Plagues
Blightkings x 10
Chosen x 10
Chaos Warriors x 36 (three units of 12)
Nurglings x 9 (three units of 3)
Plaguebearers x 30 (three units of 10)
Skull Keep x 3
Dreadhold Wall Sections x 10
Overlord Bastion

The forces of Nurgle have marshalled their best mortal defenders and enjoy not only daemonic support, but a Slaughterbrute as well. But will it be enough to hold back the assault?

Stormcast Eternals
Knight-Venator (Tornus the Redeemed)
Retributors x 5
Judicators x 10 (two units of 5)

Alarielle, the Everqueen
Treelord Ancient
Son of Durthu
Treelords x 2
Kurnoth Hunters x 12 (four units of 3)
Tree-Revenants x 10

This combined Sylvaneth and Stormcast army has brought together the very best of both forces. Not only is the Celestant-Prime present, but Alarielle herself has entered the battle! This, combined with the monsters and hard-hitting shooting units, will give the forces of Order a decent chance of taking the walls.


The Battleplan

In principle, this Battleplan is a simple one – the forces of Nurgle are behind their walls, and victory will go to the army that manages to capture and hold onto the three Skull Keeps in no man’s land.

However, the forces of Nurgle are vast and the Ring of Corruption is packed with reinforcements (except those pesky Skaven – where did they get to, eh?), and units wiped out can be recycled during the battle.

In addition, the poisonous fog from the Great Unclean One Pustrol is still floating around the fortress, and it will begin poisoning Sylvaneth and Stormcast units over the course of the fight, sparing only those closest to Alarielle.



The forces of Nurgle sighted the advancing Stormcasts and Sylvaneth from a distance, and the garrison was well prepared for the assault as they lined the walls of the Hornspire. Reinforcements had already been called for and, despite the furious battles already happening elsewhere around the Ring of Corruption, the Lord of Plagues at Hornspire was confident his summons would be answered.


As Alarielle led her army closer to the walls, his confidence turned to a quiet hope the reinforcements would arrive in time…


Battle Round One

The Hornspire was wreathed in a poisonous fog that choked the Stormcasts, but Alarielle gestured with the Spear of Kurnoth, and the worst effects were driven back in a sphere centred upon her. She saw the forces of Nurgle were well ensconced behind their walls, and was reluctant to give them more time to react to the presence of the Sylvaneth. With a loud cry, Alarielle gestured her army forward, keen to take the towers early in the battle.


As the army advanced, arrows and bolts from Judicators and Kurnoth Hunters rained towards the defenders, but most missiles simply bounced off the corroded metal wall as the Warriors of Chaos huddled behind them. The Lord of Plagues took a chance and peered down from the ramparts, only to quickly duck back again as he saw Knight-Venator Tornus the Redeemed loose a Star-fated Arrow towards him. The arrow thudded into the wall and exploded, showering the Lord of Plagues and his warriors with chunks of metal.

Cursing the Knight-Venator, the Lord of Plagues saw the Sylvaneth and Stormcasts were intent on taking the Skull Keeps. Raising his axe high above his head, he ordered his force to leave the walls and fight for the towers.


A battle quickly erupted around the centre tower as the Slaughterbrute swung down from the wall and bounded into the approaching Treelords. He managed to scratch on but then the Spirit of Durthu strode forward to swing the Guardian Sword in a mighty blow that decapitated the Slaughterbrute.

Chaos Warriors rushed into the fray, picking their way over the corpse of the Slaughterbrute, but their swords and axes proved deadly to the Spirit of Durthu, who roared in pain as the many blades found their mark.


Battle Round Two

The poisonous fog billowed over the walls, wrapping around any Stormcast or Sylvaneth who was not in the protective bubble around Alarielle. Two Judicators fell to their knees, clutching at their throats as the poison spread through their bodies.


The battle was now becoming truly vicious as the two forces closed in on one another. Alarielle gestured at the Blightkings who had descended form the wall, casting a spell of Metamorphosis. Two of the Blightkings screamed in terrible pain as verdant branches and leaves sprouted out of their skins to create shrubbery that immediately blossomed with vibrant flowers. The Kurnoth Hunters turned their great bows to the Blightkings, adding their weight to the assault, and another Blightking fell to their massive arrows.

The Stormcasts were keeping pace, the Boltstorm-armed Judicators holding their ground to unleash a terrifying torrent of fire into oncoming Plaguebearers as Tree-Revenants moved to block a charge from the daemons.

On the right flank, Sylvaneth fought Chaos Warrior for possession of the tower there, a Treelord leading Great Scythe-armed Kurnoth Hunters in the attack. The scythes were truly lethal, making a mockery of any armour the Chaos Warriors wore, reaping five Chaos Warriors and a Blightking. This was too much for four of the Chaos Warriors, who fled from battle only to be cut down by the cruel Blightkings on the direction of the Lord of Plagues.


The battle for the tower on the left flank had also been joined, as a retinue of Retributors smashed into more Chaos Warriors, their great hammers flattening four of their enemies into the ground. However, here the nerve of the Chaos Warriors held, and their axes brought one Retributor to his knees before he was dispatched back to Sigmar.


In the centre, the battle tilted heavily to the Sylvaneth as the Spirit of Durthu, a Treelord and a small group of Kurnoth Hunters finished the last of the Chaos Warriors they faced. The way to the central tower now appeared to be open.


From deep within the Hornspire, a trumpet sounded and, hidden from the Sylvaneth, the first of Nurgle’s reinforcements arrived. Running flat out for the walls, a unit of Chaos Warriors tried to keep up with another Slaughterbrute.


Alone on his section of the wall, a Blightmage peered down at the swirling melee below and saw the greatest threat stagger before him. The Spirit of Durthu had been badly wounded by the Chaos Warriors it had fought, but even now the injuries inflicted were beginning to heal from the benign presence of Alarielle.

Chuckling to himself, the Blightmage raised his staff and sent a powerful Arcane Bolt downwards, the magical energy striking the Spirit of Durthu square in the chest and causing the Treelord to reel under the impact.


Seeing an opportunity, a tumbling horde of giggling Nurglings flowed towards the Treelords, but each of the little daemons was intent on bringing the mighty Spirit of Durthu down. While the Treelord Ancient tried to stem the tide, the Nurglings just flowed round him and started to climb the Spirit of Durthu, levering aside broken bark to get inside.


Utterly infested with Nurglings, the Spirit of Durthu gave a long, low moan, before crashing into the ground.

Around the tower on the right flank, Plaguebearers had reached the front line of the forces of Order and began hacking at the Tree-Revenants with their Plagueswords, forcing the Boltstorm-armed Judicators to draw their Warblades and support their Sylvaneth allies.

Only one Tree-Revenant fell to the daemons, for the loss of several Plaguebearers – but then reality blinked, and suddenly the Tree-Revenants were facing more daemons of Nurgle than had originally leapt down from the walls.


Battle Round Three

The poison fog dispersed momentarily, allowing everyone to see what was happening across the battlefield.


The Lord of Plagues clambered down the wall to join the fight, blessing the Blightkings with a dose of Nurgle’s Rot as he went. This infection quickly spread, and a Kurnoth Hunter hissed as its foliage started to blacken and rot.


The Retributors of the Hallowed Knights dispatched the last of the Chaos Warriors they had faced, and had hoped they would now have created enough space for the Judicators to take the tower. However, a unit of Plaguebearers leered at them, daring the Stormcasts to leave themselves vulnerable as they entered the tower. Then, with a bellowing roar of challenge, the new Slaughterbrute climbed over the wall, looking down at the Retributors, who readied their hammers for more fighting.


No towers had been taken, and Alarielle could feel the chance beginning to slip through her fingers. While the forces of Order had enjoyed several victories on the battlefield, the towers were still out of reach and it was only a matter of time before a tidal wave of reinforcements from within the Ring of Corruption would overwhelm the Stormcasts and Sylvaneth. Raising the Spear of Kurnoth, she channeled Ghyran’s Wrath and every Sylvaneth on the battlefield was infused with the power of a goddess.


As Judicators on both flanks concentrated their fire on Plaguebearers, Alarielle could see that the forces of Nurgle were concentrating their reinforcements around the tower on the left flank – this was where the fighting but be at its most fierce. Deciding that she had been a bystander too long in this battle, and knowing the Tree-Revenants would have to take the opposite tower on their own, Alarielle urged her Wardroth Beetle on.


Concentrating on the Retributors, the Plaguebearers did not notice the ground shaking under the heavy footsteps of the Wardroth until it was far too late. Its antlers were lowered and they hit with such force that the daemons were instantly liquified, bursting apart in a shower of rotting offal.

Around the central tower, Treelords stamped on the Nurglings that rolled around their feet, knowing that they had to destroy the infestation before the tower could be taken. The Lord of Plagues took advantage of this confusion, and raced towards the Kurnoth Hunters, swinging his disease-ridden axe.


Seeing him approach, the Kurnoth Hunters grew great thickets around themselves, blunting the Lord of Plagues’ charge, before sweeping with their massive swords. The Lord of Plagues staggered back with a huge rent in his chest, but he only chuckled to himself and hefted his axe for another attack – the wound was already beginning to heal.

The assault on the tower of the right flank began to stall as reality blinked once more and Plaguebearers began appearing at a rate far faster than the Tree-Revenants and Judicators could destroy.


Battle Round Four

Despite having taken extremely heavy losses, the forces of Nurgle had managed to blunt and then stall the assault upon the Hornspire, and they took heart from the warcries of the reinforcements they now heard coming their way.


The forces of Order were still too close tot he towers for comfort though, and the Blightkings unleashed another wave of Nurgle’s Rot upon Kurnoth Hunters, even as the Blightmage hurled an Arcane Bolt at them. One of the Kurnoth Hunters reeled under the debilitating attacks, but refused to succumb to magic nor disease.


The Retributors remained steady as the Slaughterbrute leapt off the walls to crash among them. Once more, the Stormcasts were driven back from the tower they had been fighting so long for, and they were forced onto the defensive under the Slaughterbrute’s punishing attacks.


Time was now running out far too fast for Alarielle, and she knew the tenuous hold the forces of Nurgle had on all three towers had to be shattered – and quickly.

Calling upon the power of Metamorphosis once more, she directed the spell at the Slaughterbrute, which was suddenly wreathed in vines that sprang from the joints in its heavy carapace. The beast stumbled as it tried to force its way past the Retributors to reach the goddess, but Alarielle hurled the Spear of Kurnoth, piercing the Slaughterbrute’s skull and causing it to collapse motionless outside the tower.


On the other side of the tower, the Treelord Ancient hurled an Arcane Bolt at the Lord of Plagues, just as the Nurgle champion advanced upon the Kurnoth Hunters once more. The Lord of Plagues was slammed against the side of the tower and looked stupidly downwards as his rotting innards dropped from the open wound to pool at his feet. The last thing he saw was a Kurnoth Hunter’s sword swung hard at his neck.

The Kurnoth Hunters strode over the body of the Lord of Plagues and claimed the central tower in the name of the Goddess of Life.


Following the lead of Knight-Venator Tornus the Redeemed, the Kurnoth Hunters concentrated their arrow fire upon the Blightkings and Plaguebearers still battling around the tower on the right flank, seeking to give the Tree-Revenants and Treelord enough space to claim it.

Then, a massive bolt of lightning lanced down from the storm-filled skies to blast the ground just behind the walls of the Hornspire. When smoke and debris cleared, the form of the Celestant-Prime appeared, hovering above the wall.

Sigmar had sent his own herald to ensure the Hornspire fell.


This was all the encouragement the Stormcasts needed, and the Boltstorm-armed Judicators redoubled their efforts. Taking a step back, they unleashed the full weight of their firepower on the last of the Plaguebearers around the tower on the right flank, mowing them down in vast numbers.


The pitifully few Plaguebearers left could not hold back the fury of the Tree-Revenants who were finally able to sweep the area surrounding the tower free of Nurgle daemons.


Battle Round Five

Perhaps at the behest of Grandfather Nurgle himself, the poison fog returned with a vengeance, swirling across the walls of the Hornspire in great gusts that choked and gagged the forces of Order. A Kurnoth Hunter and Tree-Revenant both went down under its touch, their bark flaking off to reveal raw Heartwood before it passed.

Though the towers had begun to fall, the reinforcements from the Ring of Corruption were not about to let the hated Sylvaneth and reviled Stormcasts claim them without a fight, and they ran at full speed to the walls.


One unit of Chaos Warriors managed to catch up to the Celestant-Prime, and their swords and axes battered his armour. Then he raised Ghal Maraz, and Sigmar’s own hammer descended in a series of unstoppable blows that cracked armour and smashed bone. Half a dozen Chaos Warriors fell to the Celestant-Prime’s initial attacks alone, and another ran for his life, terrified at the naked and unleashed power of the Godking.


On the other side of the wall, more Chaos Warriors threw themselves fearlessly into battle against a Treelord, desperately trying to force the Sylvaneth back away from the tower. The Treelord’s great, sweeping blows knocked many of them off their feet but while many died, the rest were fanatical in their devotion to Nurgle, and refused to run.


On the far right flank, the Tree-Revenants occupied the tower they had fought so long for, a well deserved victory that gave them much needed respite from the battle.


However, the Chaos Warriors who had jumped down from the wall were dogged in their defence and they refused to yield the last tower, in spite of (or perhaps because of) their dwindling numbers.


Hunkering down behind their shields, the Chaos Warriors were hammered by the arrows of Kurnoth Hunters, strangled by the roots of the Treelord, and forced to bear wholesome life from the Metamorphosis of Alarielle. Every time one of them succumbed to the attacks of the Sylvaneth, another stepped forward to take his place, until less than a handful were left.

Time was pressing though, and Alarielle knew she was needed at the Genesis Gate if the All-Gate was to be taken. A large section of the Hornspire walls had been seized and it would be sufficient to allow her army to cross them.

They had done enough.



A minor victory for the forces of Order – those pesky Chaos Warriors right at the end just would not die!

Actually, despite the forces of Order having the upper hand throughout this battle (four Treelords and a Goddess of Life are a powerful combination!), they came very close not to winning at all, and it was only in the last two rounds that towers started to be taken. If the odd Nurgle unit here and there had held out just a little longer, the ending might have been very different!

The Spirit of Durthu falling to Nurglings was a bit of an embarrassment, but before that happened he had managed to slay a Slaughterbrute single-handed and finished off a whole unit of Chaos Warriors, so he certainly did his bit on breaking the line. For her part, Alarielle was kept back probably a turn longer than necessary, but I was a bit wary about sending forward into an enemy army after what happened when she last faced a Khorne warband!

As for the forces of Nurgle, their great weakness was that they had to leave their walls to contest the towers and while they had continuous reinforcements, they are not known as having the speediest of units, so the new units had limited effect. They soaked up the initial attacks from the Sylvaneth with Chaos Warriors (who are superb in that role, it cannot be denied) but I cannot help thinking it might have been better to send the Plaguebearers up front – the presence of the Blightmage would mean they could be summoned a lot closer to the battle than recycling them as reinforcements.

Still, the Hornspire (or, at least, a part of it) has fallen, and we will now be moving onto the final objective in the Ring of Corruption.


The Story Continues…

The assault upon the Ring of Corruption is now in full swing, but it is a tough fight. Will the forces of Order find the Key to Victory and succeed in capturing the Genesis Gate?