The all new Warhound Scout Titans arrived today, and I duly sneaked a box out of the pile. Destined for Legio Mortis, I set to work on a pair of these new models.


And, it turns out, I have zero complaints about these Titans. There are no fiddly bits – at all – and they go together very, very quickly. You will get two of these built in the time it takes to do a Warlord Titan’s legs.

With a low part count, there is still quite a lot of variability in their poses. The legs are fixed, but there are four types, each of which can fit onto either leg, and you have a bit of rotation in them for final placement as well. You will easily be able to build a full maniple of Warhounds without any of them looking samey.


Weapons are much the same — just three or four parts each and there is a ball joint on each end of the rod that connects them to the hull, again giving a wide degree of poseability.

For my first Warhound I went with the ‘just crept around the building and found a couple of knights’ kind of pose, while the second is more ‘I am going to shoot that Warlord in the face!’

Hoping to get them all painted up (Mortis colours – Xestobiax has few, if any, Warhounds) and, looking at them, this is more than doable. They don’t have any of the complicated toes of Reavers and Warlords, and just a shin and thigh plate on the legs, with no shoulder armour to complicate things.

Should be lightning fast!