Age of Sigmar Downloads

The following files are freely available for Age of Sigmar.


Alarielle: In her Ream of Life aspect of the Radiant Queen
Giant Spined Chaos Beast: A Warscroll for the Forge World model – a good stand in until they get round to doing one of their own!
Tzeentch Chaos Sorcerer on Disc of Tzeentch: A Warscroll for Tzeentch forces if you don’t want to go full on Gaunt Summoner
Herdstone: A Scenery Warscroll for Beastmen forces.
Island of Blood: The official collection of Warscrolls for the units within the Island of Blood box set
Dark Angels: A collection of Warscrolls for Dark Angels in Age of Sigmar


Treasure Hunt: A battleplan where armies race to uncover relics.
The Brimstone Tempest: A complete campaign featuring Khorne Daemons and the Bloodbound, matched against Skaven.

Time of War

Realm of Beasts: Some over-arching rules for fighting in Ghur.
Slaves to Darkness: A complete campaign system for rival Chaos warbands, inspired by the old Realm of Chaos books.
Valkia the Bloody: For use when Valkia the Bloody is the general of a mortal or daemon army of Khorne.


Star Wars Downloads

The following files are freely available for Star Wars.

Codex: Rebel Alliance A complete Warhammer 40,000 Codex for Rebel forces
Codex: Galactic Empire A complete Warhammer 40,000 Codex for Imperial forces.