Today, the Horus Heresy arrives… and it just so happens I managed to score one of the new Kratos heavy assault tanks earlier in the week. One short evening of building and three short evenings of painting, and it was done, in Space Wolves colours, ready to take some much needed punishment to the Thousand Sons on Prospero!

And very spiffy it looks too! If this is a sign of things to come, the Horus Heresy will be here to stay as one of GW’s frontline games, I think. I went for a fairly anti-personnel build (the Wolves were not expecting much resistance once they moved into Tizca), but loaded it with a few of the included options – Havoc Launcher, Hunter-Killer Missile and, of course, the massive dozer blade. The latter, I think, really sets this tank off.

Building-wise, the Kratos went together really easily, though the dozer blade is a bit of a fiddle – 5 separate flat sections, 6 ‘spikey’ bits, and the two supports to bolt it onto the front of the tank. Looks good though.

The rest is easy and quick to do.

Once built, it was sprayed with Mechanicus Standard Grey, given an all over coat of Dawnstone, and then I went to work with Agrax in all the nooks and crannies. This, together with the Admin Grey ‘line-drybrush’ on all the edges that follows, forms the longest and most gruelling part of the painting.

Once you get beyond that, everything becomes very simple: Leadbelcher/Nuln/Stormhost on the metal, Balthasar/Agrax/Stormhost on the bronze bits, and then just finishing up with the details – targeters, viewports, red panels, black weapon casings and white missiles.

Add some transfers and it is now ready to roll onto the battlefield, and a nice centrepiece it is too, weighing in at about the same footprint as a Spartan (give or take) but much lower in profile (like a proper tank…).

With this one done, I am going to be spending the day building more Heresy items – a Spartan each for the Space Wolves and Thousand Sons, and I may just take a look at doing some Praetors and Tactical Squads for new Imperial Fists and Alpha Legion forces…