When the Rynn’s World Air War Campaign Book was announced, I figured that it would be something I could really get my teeth into on a narrative level – after all, the quickness of the aircraft to paint would mean substantial forces could be put together with relatively little effort and we could concentrate on a narrative storyline through all the scenarios.

Unfortunately, while the action on Rynn’s World is covered in a some detail in the book, there were only six scenarios (and not placed in chronological order).

So, I decided to ‘fill in the gaps’ and write a complete 16-mission narrative campaign, incorporating the existing six scenarios and adding others based on the storyline.

You can download it right here:

Rynn’s World Air War Campaign Supplement

Now, first things first – this is likely to get updated, so if you are downloading this within a few days of me posting, be sure to come back in a week or two as some scenarios may get tweaked (if you are reading this a year or more into the future, you will be fine!).

Inside, you will be able to do missions with big bomber fleets flying in tight formation while fighters buzz around them, attack airfields before defending aircraft can get off the ground, and yes… we have the Dambusters mission in there too!

I also added a new Ork Ground Defence asset, the ‘Eavy Rokkit. I have been using old Epic Pulsa Rokkits to represent it, a one-shot weapon that if (by some miracle) it hits a target will make even a big bomber think twice about continuing its journey!

We will be running through this campaign, mission by mission, and do battle reports of each, just like the Realmgate Wars a few years ago.

Needless to say, I would gratefully hear any feedback you have after playing these missions, and would love to know how you got on!