Codex Star Wars Downloads

Okay, enough already – an awful lot of you want PDFs of the Star Wars Codexes we did for Warhammer 40,000!


After digging my inbox out of the deluge of emails asking for copies, I finally came to the conclusion that it was just possible that other gamers might want to have a play themselves. Always happy to oblige.


You can now download Codex: Rebel Alliance here.

And you can download Codex: Galactic Empire here.

Hope you all enjoy them!


38 Responses to “Codex Star Wars Downloads”

  1. Mikael Eriksson Says:

    Just noting the very first thing I saw, “‘I HAVE BROUGHT PEACE, FREEDOM, JUSTICE, AND

    That should’ve been Darth Sidious….

  2. chaptermaster Says:

    Reblogged this on Chapter Master and commented:
    Wow just had to share this!

  3. Mikael Eriksson Says:

    Just realised I couldn’t edit my previous post so I thought I’d make another with an addendum: That wasn’t meant as a negatory complaint as much as an amused reaction to the very first line and thought I had on an otherwise excellent codex!

  4. Chris and Victoria Goddard Says:

    Absolutely brilliant, total respect to you

  5. Thorin Says:

    Great job! I don’t play 40k so it is pretty much useless for me. But I see it as in inspiration for my Star Wars Bolt Action Supplement :).

  6. Jar-Jar Says:

    Meesa roll a D6 for to see ifa meesa blaster knock out you bombad tank.

  7. mingu Says:

    Are you thinking about making a “clone wars codex”??

    That would be awsome.

    Anyway, congratulations!! Excellent work with the Rebels and the Empire!!

  8. Fil Says:

    Can you make a CIS codex too?

  9. Teach Says:

    Excellent work and professionally presented 🙂
    Now to find all those old 1980s Star Wars miniatures 😉

  10. G Says:

    I can’t wait to play these! Gonna need to buy some miniatures, though. My collection is quite small.

    Question: How are these codexes meant to work on the Allies Matrix?
    Would they be Come the Apocalypse with each other, or no?
    And how would they ally alongside official Warhammer 40k armies?

    Thank you!

    • altsain Says:

      These Codexes are not designed to be used alongside the regular 40k armies – I looked at doing that, but there are certain things that Star Wars armies lack that many 40k armies take for granted (like, to name one, flamer weapons, but close combat is also a much bigger thing than in Star Wars, and vehicles tend to mount more weapons…).

  11. JuankiMan Says:

    And again someone forgets that the Stormtrooper Corps was a relatively small elite branch of the Imperial Army and not the main force. The effort is certainly impressive, and the book is beautifully made, but as rules go it’s an absolute mess, with out of whack special rules, ridiculous points costs and very unbalanced army lists. Also, the Rebel Alliance Codex is by far the weaker one, with boring special characters and a more limited unit selection.

    Again, the effort is impressive but it’s in desperate need of rebalancing.

    • mrksuckerberg Says:

      well, sir, then with all due respect you can just go & fuck yourself….now, have a nice day!

    • altsain Says:

      Well, I’ll just say this…

      1. I had not forgotten that the Stormtroopers were the elite but a) that is what WotC produced models of, b) they are what people expect to see, and c) they were the guys that appeared the most in the films.

      2. The army lists are not balanced against other 40k Codexes, and could not be while remaining true to Star Wars – the whole point was to create Star Wars games, not put Star Wars armies into 40k. They are, however, after a great deal of playtesting, balanced against one another.

      I am sorry, however, that you found Yoda boring. I’ll arrange a refund straight away.

      • JuankiMan Says:

        I’m sorry if it sounded overly harsh, but “the worst thing you can do to an artist is tell them their work is perfect when it isn’t”.

        And really, that WotC doesn’t produce models is little excuse and sells short the people who would be passionate enough to give these a try. And when I criticized I Rebel characters I wasn’t thinking along the lines of Yoda (who is not a character but a Lord of War), but of the likes of General Calrissian, which is just any nameless Veteran Officer only worse.

  12. Paul Gray Says:

    Hi there, just wondering if your going to tie this in with the X Wing game style…. Would you do a Scum and Villainy list?
    Also thanks for the effort into doing this codexes, a bunch of my friends are star wars nuts and these maybe played in the near future.

  13. Alex Says:

    Thank you

  14. Jamie Says:

    Will you be doing a bounty hunter codex or as a supplement.

  15. AdmiralAndy Says:

    Just discovered this and huge amount of effort must have gone into these. Not had chance to check them out properly as of yet. Would there be a Scum and Villany, Jabba and Bounty Hunter Expansion following? Thanks and a doff of the cap.

    • altsain Says:

      No plans to do so at the moment – in fact, I may be more likely to change the system to AoS!

      • AdmiralAndy Says:

        Thanks for the reply, but Damn, be a shame to waste those books you printed… So no Death from the Skies either? Just when there’s lots of 1/48, 1/72 Tie Fighter and X-Wing models around.

      • Curtis Says:

        An AoS version would be great! I may be in the minority but I wish gw would aos up 40k in general.

  16. Michele Alfredo Zanco Says:

    hello, what is correct edition of wh40k in order to play with these codex? thank you

  17. Agis Says:

    Hi Matt,
    great work!
    Do you have any plans to update these two beaties to 8th edition rules?
    I am sure many will appreciate it, exspecially in view of the upcimng FFG Legion game (use the minis and your Codex).


  18. Welcome to Fandexes! | Fandexes Says:

    […] Codex Galactic Empire (altsain):…/codex-star-wars-down…/ Codex Mercenaries (updated 17/2/17): […]

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